Case for treo 755p

Discussion in 'Treo Accessories' started by chitownprince, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. chitownprince

    chitownprince New Member

    Hi all...any suggestions for a good looking case for treo 755p.....I am kinda fan of those skin cases as they don't add too much bulk to the phone...thanks in advance
  2. blueonblackstrat

    blueonblackstrat New Member

    I have one that I got at the Sprint store, it's more or less a generic pda case/holster. My Q rattled around in it a bit, as it was smaller, however the Treo fits in it like it was made for it. My only issue is that I have to put it in upside down when I charge it, which isn't really an issue as I charge it at night.
  3. Frank Sobika

    Frank Sobika New Member

    Anyone else? I really need a good case. Im very active so i need one that will hold on to my Treo...
  4. wrenchbender

    wrenchbender New Member

    Verizon sells the silicone skin covers for the 755P. I have 2 of them, one red and one that's an opaque "clear" skin. I'm also planning on the armband waterproof treo badge holder. It is similar to the ones for the Iphone.

    There are several cases available for treo that make it nearly waterproof, but the 1921 case is like kevlar for a PDA. Their reps told me they have a defender case in thr works for it, similar to what the blackberry model covers they offer.

    If you want to support the everythingtreo site, I saw a few available on the everything treo store's section.

    Since the 755 is considered an older model now, you can bet there are ebay solutions out there too.