Cingular on East Coast

Discussion in 'Cingular' started by wozzy, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. wozzy

    wozzy New Member

    I fly back and forth between the coasts a lot on business and I've found that Cingular -- or ATT, whatever -- seems to get lousy reception in the east states. Has anyone else found this, or used a provider that gets better national reception? I'm thinking of migrating...
  2. blueonblackstrat

    blueonblackstrat New Member

    I had Cingular/AT&T with my 650. It was ok nation wide... Better than Verizon, my partner at the time had a Verizon phone.. So I saw where it didn't work.

    I've got Sprint now, and the only place I have really found it didn't work well was in Arizona, on I40 west of Flagstaff, but I don't think anything will work there, the sattelite on my truck doesn't even work... I've been in a few podunk places where it didn't want to work, but I got out.

    Long story short...Sprint.
  3. garychris

    garychris New Member

    I use cingular also, reception is so-so. Perhaps I'll migrate over to sprint as well!