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Discussion in 'Cingular' started by jonsie1083, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. jonsie1083

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    Hey im about to pick up a treo 650 and was wondering if, the cingular version with the sim card allows you to enter a mobile and work and other numbers with the same entry, i currently have a razr and it will allow me to add another number to the same name however it drops it down as a totaly diffrent entry all together anyone help me with this question thanks
  2. cmeinck

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    It's going to do that and more. Basically, you can add all associated numbers, email addresses, addresses, etc to a contact. All those numbers are now associated with that contact. This comes in handy when you set up your "favorite" buttons. For instance, let's say you have a work, cell, home and other phone number for one contact. You navigate to the button and press the space button -- you'll have a choice to call any of the 4 numbers. You can also set up hot keys or just press the button for that specific caller. The Treo 650 is based upon the Palm OS, so it's roots really are in contact management.

    Good luck with your new Treo. Be sure to stop back if (or when:)) you have questions.

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    OH wow. I'm coming from using a Razr also. I'm getting the Treo 680, will it have this same feature?
  4. Stillrockin

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    It will have the same features, and a slightly different UI than the 650!
  5. hootlaurie

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    New? 650


    I just picked up a TREO 650 used of course, I hate the ring tone...How can I change it? Your help is requested: e mail is
    Thanks! Dick
  6. hootlaurie

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    Also how do I change the picture on the screen from the photo that is there to a new one?


  7. Stillrockin

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    Welcome to the forums Dick!

    There is a freeware app called "minitones" that allows you use MP-3's as ringtone on your 650.

    If you don't have the manual, I would suggest you visit here

    This will cover how to change pictures and also much much more. If you don't find what you are looking for in the manual, try using the search feature here. Just type in what your hunting for!

    Congrats on the 650! I am now using a 680, but my old trusty 650 is finding much love with my wife!

    SAVDOUG New Member

    I Have A Treo 650 And It Gets Stuck In The Hot Sync Mode What Should I Do?
  9. john methew

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    Wow !! its very good feature in razr. Almost I always like motorola cellphones and second treo. I don't think so that this feature are available in treo cellphones.