Do NOT Purchase The BodyGlove Case!!

Discussion in 'Treo Accessories' started by waterfrontland, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. waterfrontland

    waterfrontland New Member

    After extensive research, I decided to purchase the BodyGlove case for my shiny new Treo 755p because this case seemed to provide the most protection and easiest access to the phone.


    On the inside of the case, the metal belt clip is slightly exposed due not being completely sewn around. This looks to be a design defect and not a manufacturing problem with my specific case.

    As a result of this problem, the front bezel of my Treo now has part of the paint scratched off. I take very good care of my phones, and am not happy about this, so steer clear of this case. And of course, no one is going to step up and offer to replace the phone.
  2. C_Nuguid

    C_Nuguid New Member

    Thanks, i was thinking the same thing. That case does seem to provide the best protection, your problem could have been just the one you had though, but thanks for the heads up!