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    So I have had the 700p, 755p and now the Centro. One thing I noticed is the top left application called My Treo or My Centro has a few options such as registering your palm and checking for software upgrade and downloading applications. On my 700p, I could click on "check for update" and it would seem to download something and then go back to the original My Treo screen but then, all of a sudden one day, when I clicked on that, it started resetting. No big deal as it only did when I clicked on the update link. So I got my 755p and it did the same thing. It would always reset. Now I got a Centro and I fill in the registration info and it conects to whatever it is connectiong to and it resets. And when I try to download an application from the My Centro application, it always resets. Other connections work fine, it is just in the My Treo. Anyone else have this?
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    Never looked at it that way, 'cause never had a problem with it like that. The amount of internal RAM and the size of the DB cache are important facets of the Palm OS. Too little RAM, too large a DB cache will almost always force the device to reset. The result of the reset: a smaller DB cache. There are applications that monitor and adjust the DB cache on the fly, such as Hobbyist Software's Reset Doctor. As for free memory, about 10 or so MB is preferable, though some have no problem going lower.
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    I had some issues recently with some applications that when starting them, my phone would reset. A reinstall of the app fixed the issue, but I have no idea how it happened.

    It may be time to do a rebuild of the phone if you find internal applications are causing it to reset. 3rd party apps are easily re-installed, but internal apps causing issues can be more trouble some to fix.