error downloading newest update?

Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by collegekid, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. collegekid

    collegekid New Member

    I keep getting some error saying something that the update failed to initiate please download again, I have tried several times and keep getting this message my current version is 1.1.0. I also cannot download any new apps getting a not enough memory error and I have deleted old apps and still get that error. Can anyone please help me with these problems im getting angry paying $90 month and cannot get full use out of my palm pre. Thanks
  2. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    you a little behind on a version.

    try this:
    back up your data using backup icon

    usb connect to a comp and drag all your pics/docs/movies/ringtomes

    go to and follow procedures. This will determine your current os and reinstall it.

    once this is done, do the updates