Fatal Errors

Discussion in 'Treo 180 / 180G' started by Luna Treo, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Luna Treo

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    I bought a Treo 180 and after 1 month of normal use, it started freezing or getting a "fatal error" message. I did soft resets, hard resets, and drained the battery completly to try and fix the problem, but nothing worked. Handspring sent me a replacement. Within an hour of use, the same problem occured. It would reboot by itself and get the error messages. I called handspring immediatly and sent me a new replacement. After 1 month with the new treo, SAME PROBLEM! Im on my fourth Treo now, but this time Handspring agreed to send me a brand new unit, instead of the refurbished ones that they use as customer replacements. I haven't had any problems with this one for over a month now. Has anybody experienced this problem?
  2. madmax112

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    i'm having the same problem. i'm on my third treo. i saw one message that said deleting sms messenger helped. i wonder if it might be the holster. if you find an answer please let me know.