Got My Hands On A Pre!

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by godsidekurt, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. godsidekurt

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    Ok if I was reading this post I wouldnt believe it...but it actually happened today.

    My bro Austin (forum member; austin.nealeigh) had heard about the touchstones being out for pre-sale (pun intended) and while shopping at a Best Buy store asked an employee if they had them. To his surprise the guy told him no... but offered to show him a demo phone! After he played with it and texted me, I decided I had to come down to have a look for myself. I honestly thought he was pulling my chain.

    I was wrong.



    After holding the phone...which was a totally functioning, non-activated pre, I had some thoughts;

    1. It was a lot more solid than I feared it was going to be after reading a couple of reviews that said it was "plasticiky"
    2. The keyboard seemed awesome...though I didnt actually type with them...just pretended to.
    3. Above all - what surprised us both was how much smaller it was in person than what we had been seeing in videos online. We still loved it and think the form will be nice in our pockets...hopefully the screen size will still be satisfactory once we see things on it.
  2. Agent K

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    That rocks man, I'll check out my local BB in the AM. Soon enough we'll all have them!!!! Thanks for the quick thoughts, you boosted my confidence in the product!
  3. softspirits

    softspirits New Member

    That is wonderful! The pics are great!!! thank you so much for sharing the info with us!!
  4. zxx

    zxx New Member

    That is awesome!
  5. ogremustcrush

    ogremustcrush New Member

    I got to play with a fully activated pre today. It was amazing, much more responsive and usable than the iPhone in my experience (and I own one, so I should know.) As anxious for the launch as I was before, I am perhaps thrice as anxious now that I've gotten my hands on one to try it out.

    The only thing I really didn't care for on the Pre was the back cover, I think I might have to get the touchstone one. I don't really care much for the glossy black plastic, not a good surface to hold on to. I have the same problem with the iPhone 3G, they both kind of feel like you're holding onto a piece of soap. The keyboard, while small, was surprisingly good though. The feedback was just right, and I like the rubber coating on the keys. It will take a few days to get used to the size of them, but after that it should be a breeze to use. I could already type faster on it than on my iPhone. Google maps is like five times better than the one on the iPhone, the menu type stuff is a lot better designed, and its faster at loading over evdo than the iPhone is on wi-fi.

    Oh, and in response to the OP, the screen was awesome. Super clear, and the text rendering on webpages is the best I've ever seen on a phone. It took a few minutes to adjust to the smaller size screen as compared to the iPhone, but after that all the gestures and such worked just as well if not better. It was kind of odd, when you see the phone demoed, it seems kind of slow to response to touch inputs or something, but when you use it yourself it's super smooth. I think its just the distraction of demonstrating, the hardware works well.
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  6. ImmaSlave4U

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    Suhweeet! You guys look excited :laugh3: Thanks so much for posting!
  7. themirthfulswami

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    I'm thinking that Palm put a lot of polish into the final release version of the Pre as opposed to the demo versions we'd seen in videos from show floors. Sounds like all the extra waiting we've had to do will pay off! :)

    Bring on Saturday!
  8. Feznando

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    this saturday is do or die.... if i dont get it.... i might just sit in my room and not read everythingpre till i get mine. I am assuming everyone who gets one will be online showing it off:laugh3:
  9. soccerbudd

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    I feel the same way. I really want the the phone on Saturday, but I'm not going to "camp out" for it (it's still just a phone :)). I'll get there a few hours early and am hoping there won't be a lot of people in front of me. If there are, I do have a few other options. But if I don't luck out....I'll be staying away from this site as well. :)
  10. FlyersNY81

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    i can't take the wait anymore... it's eating me alive!! this makes me more anxious to get one ASAP! does anyone know if Sprint Sales Dept. will be taking Pre orders over the phone on saturday?
  11. ogremustcrush

    ogremustcrush New Member

    One thing I did notice on the pre yesterday that I forgot to mention, is that while other multitasking worked excellent, with no slowdown at all, Pandora makes the phone slooooow. It took what seemed like a minute or two for the notification area thingy to show up after switching to another app, and the whole while, the app I was in wasn't very responsive. Once the notification area thing came up, it was a bit more responsive, but pausing Pandora made the phone super fast again. I'm not sure what is going on with this, I was really excited about using Pandora in the background, but unless there is some more optimization that happens, I'm going to find that really difficult to do.

    Like I said though, any other multitasking worked fine. The camera stops updating when you pull out and go to other cards, but starts right back up once you go back to its card.

    I really wanted to try out the media player stuff, but it had that same help will be available at launch error thingy that BGR saw. I did pull up the update app and it saw an available update, plus someone I talked to said that there would be an update right before launch that would enable any disabled functionality. The update in the updater program thing was 68MB I think, I can't remember the version number precisely that it listed, but I think it was for WebOS 1.0.3 or something similar to that.
  12. Lynx

    Lynx New Member

    Thank you so much for sharing this info. It makes me think that the update function could become a bone of contention... I mean, what if the phone has the teathering (phone as modem) capability out of the box but upon the first update, which may fix the Pandora issue u mentioned, it also turns off the feathering function :frown: -

    Does Palm and/or Sprint have unfair control to manipulate our Pre's??
  13. ~g~

    ~g~ New Member

    I've been told by someone at sprint (not a retail employee) that updates will all be done/pushed by Palm, not Sprint.
  14. ogremustcrush

    ogremustcrush New Member

    The updater had a nice big download now button, but it also said it would be background downloading the update over the next few days. Take that for what it's worth.
  15. Lynx

    Lynx New Member

    thats cool... it has background downloading for updates... the PS3 doesn't have that for updates... just background download of demo games/Movies...
  16. ogremustcrush

    ogremustcrush New Member

    Yeah, I have to wonder what the device does once it has the update downloaded though. Does it automatically install it, prompt to install, or just sit there until you open the update app and tell it to update? I didn't look at the app extensively, but from what I did see I wasn't quite sure. Alltogether, I had about 45 minutes with the phone, but I didn't play with the app catalog or update app until the last few. It did seem take the update app a long time to notice there was an update, I was fiddling with other apps while it was in a card rather than watching it intently.

    The app catalog has a 10 day trial of connect four! Actually, the app catalog was kind of weird, all the apps had the price "$TRY NOW!" even on things like Pandora. I have to wonder if the purchasing infrastructure is not quite done... or just something in that update.
  17. Lynx

    Lynx New Member

    ahh man.. I was getting ready to ask about pricing I the AppCat... oh well... Hey, did you take note to the amount of Bars (Signal) you had in Best buy? I would assume they must likely had a signal booster in there as most cell sales locations do...

    Also, were you able to make any calls out or get any in at all??
    Did you get to hear the speaker phone quality?
  18. adesilva

    adesilva New Member

    I hope that all the first apps arent going to be paid already they should atleast have some free ones to make people want to buy later ones. I assume they will all have free trials as mentioned above though so i guess that may be ok.
  19. Austin.nealeigh

    Austin.nealeigh New Member

    wow yesterday was a experience to remember!!
  20. dave1812

    dave1812 New Member

    You've confirmed my suspicion that the screen is too small for me. I wish Palm had made it a big bigger than the iPhone's, or at the very least, made it the same size. I see Pandora slows the phone down...that's a major negative for me, as that's one app I use a lot. The negatives keep piling up, but of course John Q Public won't notice all the forum comments, so I expect Palm and Sprint to enjoy some modest success with the roll-out, but it will be tempered by the widely spread news that Verizon and AT&T will have the Pre in a scant 6 months (supposedly, but just the rumor is enough to affect Sprint's sales).