Help me get from iCal back to Palm Desktop

Discussion in 'Treo and Mac OS X' started by fuzzy, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. fuzzy

    fuzzy New Member

    I have a Treo 700p which syncs with a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.5.5

    I set up iSync so that the Treo syncs with iCal (Calendar) and the MAC Address Book. I did this so I could sync wirelessly. After seeing just how slow the bluetooth sync was, I went back to using the USB cable to sync.

    I do not like iCal, nor the MAC Address Book.
    I want to go back to just syncing with Palm Desktop for everything. I do not want to use iCal or the MAC Address Book.
    How can I set the Treo to Sync with only Palm Desktop and ignore iSync?
  2. doctosca

    doctosca New Member

    Hi Fuzzy,

    I have the oposite problem. I have the Mac Book Pro 10.5.5 also. I can't get my Palm Treo 700p to be recognized by the isync. I want to isync so that I can upload my info into a blackberry storm. My Treo hot syncs, but it won't sync using bluetooth, How did you get the treo to be recognized?