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Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by BobbyBlaze, Aug 23, 2009.

  1. BobbyBlaze

    BobbyBlaze New Member

    Can someone please tell me how to forward phone calls with this Pre? Thanks
  2. sfac

    sfac New Member

    forward phone calls? Do you mean either do three way calls or forward text messages?
  3. BobbyBlaze

    BobbyBlaze New Member

    No I mean, Forward my phone calls to a different phone number.. Think its like $.20 a minute, But on all of my treos i've had they all did it but I cant find it. On the Palm website it says call forwarding is an option.
  4. sfac

    sfac New Member

    This is from the palm website.

    Customizing phone settings

    Article ID: 25627

    Use Phone Prefs to do the following:
    Show contact matches Forward calls Turn my caller ID on or off Turn call waiting on or off Use dialing tones Use dialing shortcuts Use restricted dialing Set roaming preferences Enable TTY/TDD
    Show contact matches

    By default, when the dial pad is open and you type on the keyboard, only numbers are entered. You can set a preference so that typing on the keyboard with the dial pad open also performs a contact search for any letters you enter.
    1. Open Phone [​IMG].
    2. Open the Application menu, and tap Preferences.
    3. In Show Contact Matches, tap On or Off.
    Forward calls

    Note Depending on your wireless service provider, your phone may not have this feature. Check with your wireless service provider about availability and pricing of forwarded calls; additional charges may apply.

    You can forward calls to another phone number.
    1. Open Phone [​IMG].
    2. Open the Application menu, and tap Preferences.
    3. In Calls, set either of the following:
      • Call forwarding: Tap On or Off.
      • Enter call forward number: Enter the number that you want to forward calls to. Tap to change an existing number.
  5. BobbyBlaze

    BobbyBlaze New Member

    I dont know if its just my phone but the call forwarding option isnt in the phone preferences.. :(
  6. PapaNoHair

    PapaNoHair New Member

    Not on mine either - must not be available on either Sprint or Pre yet.
  7. sfac

    sfac New Member

    Sorry guys, I was just posting what I found on the Palm site. I looked afterwards and couldn't find the option for it either. So either its not available with sprint or palm hasn't enabled that bit of the app yet.
  8. BobbyBlaze

    BobbyBlaze New Member

    Hey thanks any ways tho.. Thats weird that they would say its has the feature and then it isnt enabled.. All my other treos have call forwarding so I dont think its sprint..
  9. sfac

    sfac New Member

    It is curious indeed. And yeah, it should be a simple enough feature, and as documented seems simple to implement. Maybe their was some bug in the OS or app coding that reared its ugly head and they have yet to work out then.
  10. missy brown

    missy brown New Member

    thsts crazy i couldnt find it either.
  11. ScottinGeorgia

    ScottinGeorgia New Member

    The call forwarding feature USED to be exactly where it's described to be (see above.) I know this because several weeks ago I accessed it to forward my calls and my calls now forward; however, I now want to turn it off and that feature is now gone from my Preferences screen. I recently updated to version it was removed then? However it's frustrating as I now cannot stop my calls from forwarding
  12. prephoneuser

    prephoneuser New Member

    Forwarding your pre calls to another phone number

    Had same issues with forwarding option not showing up on phone menu in pre, despite it being in the manual.

    Simple fix, though: Dial *72 then the area code and phone number to which you want your calls forwarded. All incoming calls to your pre will be forwarded to that number until you turn fowarding off (you turn it off by dialing *720). NOTE: Sprint charges for call forwarding - not sure how much, think it's something like .05 per minute... but you can receive the call and then just call the person back - then you've only incurred the first minute's fee. Pretty easy actually, just hard to find out how!
  13. nerelda

    nerelda New Member

    Verizon wireless customer. This does not seem to be available for us either. Not sure if it's even an option for us. I don't use it thought anyway. Just putting this out there in case another verizon customer checks this out.
  14. prephoneuser

    prephoneuser New Member

    Nope - it is meant for Verizon, but actually does work on Sprint although you will get an error message saying it doesn't (and it's a bit convoluted/counterintuitive process).

    Just dial *72, then hit the green dial bar. When you hear three quick dial tones, go back to the dialpad without hanging up - and enter the number you want to forward to - and then hit the dial bar again. You will hear a ringing tone, then you will get an error message saying the code is incorrect. Hang up - and in spite of the error message, your phone will have been forwarded.

    To unforward, just dial *720, hit dial, hear the three quick tones, then hang up.

    You can test it as long as you do it from a phone other than the one you have forwarded to (call waiting won't click in, you will get a busy signal if you try to do that - at least from a landline...)

    Really. It does work.
  15. prephoneuser

    prephoneuser New Member

    PS- would love to hear if anyone has a different experience - or if you try it and it works. If you try this, please do post your results... Thanks!
  16. nerelda

    nerelda New Member

    LOL that's awesome. I'll keep that in mind if I ever need it. Thanks!

    (Thanks for the PM as well) :)