Homebrew App Preview: wIRC

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    Homebrew App Preview: wIRC [​IMG]

    Before Twitter, before Live Messenger, before Yahoo!, before Skype and before ICQ, there was one instant-messaging service to rule them all: Internet Relay Chat. The now-ancient technology was first created in 1988, and to this day remains the favoured chat service of 'net nerds globally. IRC has been especially useful in bringing together the webOS developer community - even Palm are now officially hanging out on the webOS channels - and thus, it was inevitable that a native webOS client would eventually be released.

    Enter wIRC, the brain love child of WebOS Internals developers Ryan Hope, Brandon VanBelle and Eric Gaudet. Powered by a native C background service and sporting a delectable Mojo front-end, wIRC is already mightily impressive even in its' current .0.1 alpha iteration. Read on for some sexy screenies and fabulous features!




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    This is awesome! I cannot wait for this. Thanks for the info.