how do I use the text fowarding patch

Discussion in 'Homebrew Apps' started by AustinStl314, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. AustinStl314

    AustinStl314 New Member

    I have preware on my pre.
    I have installed text fowarding and virtual keyboard.

    I cant figure how to activate these features for use.:dft005:frazzled
    If anyone can help me with a few tips thanks in advance.
  2. AustinStl314

    AustinStl314 New Member

    AH-HA I have it watson! tap the sms messsage you would like to fwd. and you will be prompted by a pop up "do you want to foward message" sweet.:dft010:smile
    From there you just choose your contact and bam!

    Now the virtual keyboard is eluding me. I have double tapped the hell out of the gesture key with no luck. anyone...:dft005:frazzled
  3. sandmanfvr

    sandmanfvr New Member

    About to get my pre mondy and I hope you figure this out as I won't this keyboard on it first thing.