How much is 10MB?

Discussion in 'Cingular' started by espett, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. espett

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    I have the MediaWorks Bundle that includes 1500 SMS and 10MB of data(?) for 14.99. How much does 10MB translate to in terms of internet and email usage? Are there any plans that give you unlimited internet and email that arent $50?

  2. Stillrockin

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    Sprint has the cheapest data rates of any of the major carriers. (I think their unlimited plan is like $25???) Its hard to answer your question. Thats the problem with limited data accounts. If you go over often, you could easily be past $50 per month! 10 megs might be plenty if you aren't a heavy user sending attachments . . .

    I am using the unlimited plan . . . I don't like the cost, but do get the piece of mind. By the way . . . I probably use about 70-80 megs per month on average . . . . I often download podcasts . . . Some of those are over 30 megs . . .
  3. randyw

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    I've got the Media Max bundle from Cingular. I signed up before they started pushing the smart phone plans. I've unlimited internet for 19.95 a month. If you can still get it I would highly suggest it.