I Just Joined your Group.

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by S Ang, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. S Ang

    S Ang New Member

    Hi Treo Community.
    I am thrilled to know there is such a vast Community out there who are sooo
    willing to help and share their knowledge and experience.
    I had a Treo 750 that plays up once in a while. Common problem - Getting phone network service On and Off. I have to do soft resets.

    Got it to work by searching Google!. Found your site and even by chance found 6 comments on how to make the 750 Vibrate when ringer is on!.
    I tried comment #4 by Zspira - He knocked a corner of his Treo on his palm and it worked for him. I tried that (Just two light knocks on my palm) and wonder of wonders! it worked too!

    My phone can now VIBRATE! Wowee. Thank you
  2. jfa

    jfa New Member

    maybe it was enough of a jostlre to reconnect your connector well enough to work.
  3. S Ang

    S Ang New Member


    Must be a flimsy connection somewhere in there.
    Mine wasn't the only one that had this problem.
    There were about six others out there that experiences this.
    Someone tried the knocks and worked. So do I.