Installing TomTom GPS from your Mac

Discussion in 'Treo and Mac OS X' started by cmeinck, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. TomTomHater

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    Somehow I got it all working. TomTom doesn't support missing sync on the Mac. I have the BT-335. I've heard other people prefer a different model. What's your experience?
  2. TomTomHater

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    Have you heard about version 6 coming out and do you now if upgrades will be free for recent purchasers?
  3. TomTomHater

    TomTomHater New Member

    Anyone know how to get rid of the startup screen/warning?
  4. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I used the Bluetooth GPS that came with the TomTom 5 bundle. They might not "officially support" Missing Sync, but it works just fine with my setup.

    Which warning screen? The one where you agree to terms?

    So, after all of that, are you finally enjoying the software?

  5. eddiem

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    Wow. I'm using the Palm GPS Navigator package, and I absolutely love it. It's the reason I bought the Treo 650 in the first place. It works great. And I had no problem whatsoever installing the TOMTOM software using my Mac.

    I'm not sure what this Missing Sync is... but I've been able to sync everything I need from my Calendar, AddressBook even music with no hassels.

    Although I will agree that TOMTOM customer service is a bit on the wierd side. I've had all my questions answered pretty quick, but, I don't think the people that work there have actually looked at a map. I inquired about when they might add a map for Mexico. They responded that "sometime later this year we will be releasing South America maps...." So I wrote back about how great that was, and asked if that also meant that they were going to update the North America map to include Mexico and they responded, "We don't plan on updating the North America maps and that Mexico will never be a part of the North America maps." Huh? I'm tempted to send them a map of North America just to see what they say. But I'm sure it's just the way build them....:wacko:

    Anyway, it's still a great product and I use it in all my travels.

  6. Artfreed

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    Installing TomTom

    Maybe it's a great program, but one has to install it first, and I can't even start that process. I get a message saying that my temp files are full, so installer cannot run. Not so. My temp folders are empty and my computer guru tells me the problem is with the new software. TomTom, on the other hand says their software is fine and I need to find more space for my temp files. Nonsense, says my guru. SO I'm stuck with a box of expensive equjipment that I can't use.
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    I enjoy it the 1 out of 10 times that it works.

    Yes, I enjoy it the 1 out of 10 times that it works. I have it installed on a Treo 650 that now has 14.5 megs of free memory but many times it won't launch saying that there's not enough memory! When it does launch it can't find the blue tooth device so I have to delete and re-pair it with the BT-338. After 10 minutes of resetting the Treo, and reconfiguring bluetooth it might and work and then it's amazing. But who has that much time and patience for something that should work by itself?

  8. cmeinck

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    Try simply toggling the Bluetooth on the Treo OFF/ON. Might work and it's easier than having to go through the pairing process.

  9. jbreen

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    TomTom Nav 6, Installing Maps

    Seems like I have forgotten how to get the maps from the TomTom CD's to the Treo 650.

    I originally installed the Northeast maps a year or so ago, and then the easily and intuitively Southeast maps some many months back, and now wish to install the midwest (Indiana) map, but can't seems to get anything going for me.

    As I recall, you install the basic TomTom CD and then open it and pick your desired maps, download, to your PC (or in my case Mac) and then synchronize.

    Trouble is, I can't seem to get the first step going. . . nothing seems to appear that will identify the CD I need or the process to use to download the maps.

    Can someone refresh my memory? (Nothing on the basic Application CD seems to open in any useful way for me to start the process. It was intuitive in the past, but either something is wrong with the program or I am suffering early Alzheimers.)

    Many thanks!
  10. cmeinck

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    Have you tried using this installer, with the TomTom CD in your Mac?

  11. jbreen

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    I have the latest software, but can't seem to find my way back into the map loading process on my Mac G5. I load the Tom Tom Application & User manual CD and don't find anything there that helps me find the right Map CD (for Indiana or anything else).

    I go into the Tom Tom app and try and open the TomTom software setup, agree to everything and synch my Treo 650, etc. . . but none of this seems to give me any clues as to how/where I go to open "something" up and start the map downloading process.

    In other words--the Treo works fine, Tom Tom works fine with the maps I have already installed, I just can't seem to find my way into the the program or process that starts the map-load process.

    Embarrassing to say the least since I have done it multiple times just by jumping in and "doing it".

    Thanks for any specific guidance on how to get this process going again.
  12. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Insert the first Map CD. You'll have an option to Add Maps:

    Choose the geographic area you'd like to install. From your post, I'd say Mid-west.

    Just be sure you have enough free space on your SD card. Installation of maps does take a while - and the progress bar just never seems to move. I'd install and leave it.

    Hope this helps.
  13. jbreen

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    I downloaded directly to the SD card--which wasn't the process I used before, but it was actually much faster than downloading to my Mac and then Synching. The trick was to have the CD in when trying to launch the setup application. . . then everything fell into place.

    I would like to thank you for this and all the other help you have given to all of us trying to get the most out of our toys and technology.

    There's no doubt in my mind that you have saved many of us from murder (or suicide) as we try and figure out how to make things work as advertised.

    Good on you Lad!
  14. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    No problem. Glad I could help out. TomTom can be a real pain to set up, but obviously a great program afterwards.

    Thanks for the kind words - I appreciate it.:biggrin: