Let's Discuss Instant Messaging on the Treo

Discussion in 'Treo Utilities' started by lulugirl896, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. lulugirl896

    lulugirl896 New Member

    The front page has a new article I just finished comparing Verichat, Chatopus and IM+. With so many IM applications available, what are you using? And what drew you to that particular application?
  2. Antoine of MMM

    Antoine of MMM New Member

    I use Chatopus with MSN and Google talk. I sign in to Yahoo via text messaging so I dont get play with that one.

    I wish that GTalk could be used in the background though, I'd love to be logged in on it all the time, that way I could keep up with the many folks in the palm universe that use Gtalk.
  3. Antoine of MMM

    Antoine of MMM New Member

    PS. nice article. Very well written :thumbup:
  4. lulugirl896

    lulugirl896 New Member

    Thanks, Antoine!
    What do you mean about GTalk? I've never used it, but how does it disconnect you? Chatopus runs in the background, so shouldn't Gtalk also?
  5. Antoine of MMM

    Antoine of MMM New Member

    No. Google Talk requires that SSL be enabled in order to chat. Due to the nature of teh PalmOS SSL library, it cannot maintain the connection with the secure server unless Chatopus is the active app. This is most definitely a limitation of OS5/Garnet and was one of the bigger reasons that I have wanted to see an OS6/Cobalt PalmPDA.
  6. Kwan

    Kwan New Member

    I use Chatopus, thanks to Lulu. But not often, since its a battery vampire.
    Other than that, it works great.
  7. hchai

    hchai New Member

    ChatterEmail also requires SSL for background retriving. Got the MatrixSSL and it works fine. Not sure if this will help.
  8. Any solutions for the @mac.com AIM issue?

    According to several threads the Treo650 has a problem recognizing the "@" sign so any @mac.com account does not work when used on Verichat or any other messenger.
    Have anyone found a way around it?

  9. Antoine of MMM

    Antoine of MMM New Member

    Is this a seperate download from ChatterEmail, or a download from somewhere else. I would love this functionality seeing that the holidays are here and many I want to keep IMing while at teh table eating and talkign turkey :dry:
  10. AutoDocs

    AutoDocs New Member

    Any reason Mundu wasn't included? That's what I use.
  11. lulugirl896

    lulugirl896 New Member

    Its a separate download on www.chatteremail.com.
  12. lulugirl896

    lulugirl896 New Member

    Not really, I just tried to compare 3 totally different ones, and I thought Mundu was too similar to IM+
  13. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I'll look into this...

  14. shotelimox

    shotelimox New Member

    I used to use Chit Chat Lite (which is a strictly MSN app). After reading lulugirls' review I swithched to IM+. If you haven't yet read her review, then I highly reccomend it.
  15. greeniis

    greeniis New Member

    I like Verichat best, since it is easy to use, and has the capacity for multiple screen names on one client, but I think Mundu works very well, too, and is not quite as costly (one-time charge rather than annual). IM+ didn't work well for me.
  16. karsten

    karsten New Member

    Hi all; new to the forum. You guys seem to be cool beans!

    I currently use Verichat; it's great! I'm still in the trial period, but the functionality is wonderful. It's just like being on IM on my PC. I have used IM+ on my Blackberry and hated it. Verichat is the way to go...least it is for me anyway...
  17. Stillrockin

    Stillrockin Smart Phone Idiot

    I'll give a vote to IM+. The annual license for Verichat just kills it for me. I have had great luck with IM+.

    Edit: And by the way, Welcome in to the Friendliest Treo forum on the World Wide Web Karsten!
  18. chillywilly

    chillywilly New Member

    Nice article, lulu.

    I've not picked one of these apps yet since I have a couple of questions:

    - can you install any of these onto an SD card or do they have to be run from the internal memory?

    - I use MSN for most of my IM, but am also using AIM a lot more lately. Any leanings to one particular product for overall compatibility? The reason I ask this is due to MS and AOL changing their protocols to keep third party tools like these from working. I know there was a time when some of the desktop tools (like Trillian) would have to update a couple of times a week to keep up the support.

    For now, it looks like IM+ is looking the best, although I need to go out and find Mundu to see how it works.
  19. dluxeesq

    dluxeesq New Member

    Verichat Question

    So, I have the new 700p and I downloaded Verichat. I like it, but I've come across a problem I was hoping someone could help me with.

    If you're not chatting and the Treo goes into screen saver mode, it logs you off. The maximum amount of time before the 700p puts itself to sleep is 3 minutes (even when I have it docked). I use yahoo im when i'm at work on my Treo (because it's blocked on my work computer), but it gets very annoying when I have to sign back in all the time.

    So, my question is: Is there a way to keep it from logging off when the Treo shuts off its screen while idle? Hell, is there a way to keep the Treo from going to sleep after just 3 minutes? I would rather just turn the screen off myself when I don't want it on.

    Thanks in advance.
  20. nano

    nano New Member

    aim yahoo msn without internet access?

    My question is not about IM clients but rather if Treo has support for instant messaging without internet access.

    Currently I have a Samsung T509 with Cingular and I am able to log into all my IM accounts (aim, msn, yahoo) without having to have internet access (built in application). I think this is called "text message login", I'm not sure. I am ofcourse charged per IM as a text message but I have a good text message plan.

    So I know Cingular supports this but my question is if I can have it work with a Treo 650 the same way, without internet access.