Let's Discuss the TomTom 5 Bluetooth GPS Car Kit

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by cmeinck, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. cmeinck

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    I just finished writing the review for the TomTom 5 Navigator GPS Car Kit for the Treo 650. As you'll read in my review, the set up was a nightmare :thumbdown-- but once I was up and running, the application was very cool.:w00t:

    Have questions or want to share your experiences with the TomTom?

  2. jbreen

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    TomTom 5 & Treo 650

    Love to hear anything you could tell me about the set-up struggle and any tips on how to make it easier. I'm waiting for my TomTom 5 Bluetooth to be shipped and could use some sage advice. Thanks!
  3. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    The good news is the application is great. I loved the product once I got it working. Part of the set up struggles were admittedly due to a) not having a sufficient size SD Card b) being in a rush.

    That being said, the biggest hassle for me was the activation server. When you first get your TomTom, you're going to receive a credit card with a Product Code. You enter that into the TomTom Navigator to get your Device Code. Here's where it got tricky for me. You visit the web to get the third and final code - the Activation Code. So, three codes: Product Code (on credit card), Device Code (from your Treo) and then the Acvtivation Code. The activation server asks you to enter the Product Code, then the Device Code and then should present you with the Activation code. I was getting script errors from their site. I tried refreshing my browser, changing browers, but no luck. Finally, the next morning it was working. I'd bet this has been resolved as I wasn't the only one. Also, be sure to use the screen keyboard to enter your activation code.

    Once you have everything loaded and have the right codes, the app is easy. The one thing I noticed was that somethings the TomTom didn't see the GPS receiver. When I get in the car, I just cycle my Bluetooth on the Treo. Once I figured that out, the GPS was communicating with the Treo every time.

    Hopefully, you experience none of the activation issues.

    Let me know if you have any questions with the set up and let me know your feedback on the product.
  4. Art-LA

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    Does Treo 650 Screen remain on?

    Enjoyed your review -- and glad I did not quit after reading about the installation problems. I've tried a couple of GPS Navigation systems on the Treo 650. Some allow the display to remain on for extended periods. Others do not. I found it very frustrating to have to reset the dislpay every time I glanced at the map. How does this work with the TomTom Navigator 5? TYhat is, does the display stay on indefinately, are there options to choose how long the display stays on? If the display turns off, do the voice prompts continue?

  5. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Thanks. I'm guessing most will not have the problems that I experienced -- however, I do recommend setting time aside to set this up. I'm not a manual reader and like to jump in and use products. In this case, I don't think the setup procedure in the manual would have helped much anyway. I understand TomTom's position in trying to avoid piracy, but they should include a sheet that's sort of a "Read this first: Quick Start to Activating Your TomTom Product".

    The display was always on unless a call comes in. In that case, the Bluetooth headset takes over. You can ignore the call or take it and then switch back to the TomTom.

    The TomTom screen is always on and doesn't dim like the Phone app does after a few seconds. The Canada trip was 7 or so hours and it didn't go out once. I had both powered up using their respective chargers to avoid the Treo or the TomTom losing power.

  6. xxpinballxx

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    just read your review and did a few searches and 10 minutes later I just ordered one and should be here thursday......

    I have the Garmin 2500 and do not like it at all......
    Nice review and thanks for pushing into debt even deeper...LOL!
  7. cmeinck

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    I think you're going to enjoy the TomTom. Once you get past the annoying activation, the product itself is great. Also, there is an update - 5.12 or something. I haven't updated my version yet, but I'm guessing it will improve upon a few things.

    A quick primer on the TomTom:
    • Product Code (from included credit card), Device Code (which you get from the Treo) and Activation Code (which you can apparently get through the Treo, but I opted for the web activation page). Write all of them down or better yet -- I put them in Splash ID, so they are always on hand
    • Cycle the Bluetooth Off/On if you find you're having a tough time aquiring satellites
    • Use a nice sized SD card for the installation of maps.
    • Car mount on dash would be a safe bet - my car mount was originally created for my iPod, but doubles for a Treo mount. I was looking down too much at the TomTom. Even with voice commands, I found the 3D maps were very useful. I often look at the map to see "real-time" where my next turn is...
    Those were my only complaints and suggestions.

    A couple of cool features that I neglected to mention in the review:
    • You can set up estimated arrival time. Takes the guesswork out of, "what time will we be there". It also changes you arrival time if you either gaining/losing time
    • You can display remaining trip time
    • The screen looks great and the images are awesome on the 650.

    Let me know how you like it... and how the activation process works for you.

  8. xxpinballxx

    xxpinballxx New Member

    will do...should be great for an upcoming road trip.....
    thanks for the tips and warnings......
  9. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I'm headed to Maine this weekend, so another chance to use the TomTom.:w00t:

    I think I might buy John Cleese - make the trip more entertaining.

  10. Kwan

    Kwan New Member

    I'm thinking about getting this. Whats the difference between the bundle and the other package? $299 vs $279
    The GPS unit looks different in the bundle for 299.
  11. xxpinballxx

    xxpinballxx New Member

    The TomTom 5 299.00 bundle has the MKII Reciever and The GPS receiver uses the new SiRF star III chipset

    TomTom 5 279.00 has the Globalsat BT-338 SiRF star III chipset this one reportedly delivers 5 more hours of battery life than the newer version with the MKII Reciever

    Those are the only differences I see that mean anything
  12. Kwan

    Kwan New Member

    The MKII receiver looks cooler and smaller.
  13. xxpinballxx

    xxpinballxx New Member

    That might be the reason the battery life is a little lower....

    would opt for the newer one myself.....whats another 20 bucks when you are already paying almost 300?
    I ordered it yesterday and should get it tomorrow.....
  14. Kwan

    Kwan New Member

    really? it says its not in stock
  15. xxpinballxx

    xxpinballxx New Member

    I bought mine from another site.......

    I never buy from third party sites unless i acn't find it anywhere else....
  16. xxpinballxx

    xxpinballxx New Member

    Just got off the phone with sales rep for the vendor i bought it from and i asked what the recievers model number is......

    Take a guess what she told me the specs said on the box?

    BT338.......I guess i am sending it back.....plus I paid 299.99 for it..

    Thanks Kwan for he post on the two different versions......

    Now I know not to evn open it.....I guess the MKII version is being released the 29th.....at least thats what a few sites are saying.
  17. cmeinck

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  18. Kwan

    Kwan New Member

    No problem. I wouldnt want the "older" model either.
    I think I'll go ahead and order from everythingtreo store.
  19. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Thank you for your business. I realize there are other choices out
    there and appreciate the support.

  20. Kwan

    Kwan New Member

    Chris, I cant seem to get past the Shipping stage of ordering.
    In addition, it goes to TreoCentral. I assume its the same company?
    I'm using netscape.