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    So I've picked up a great new launcher called, strangely enough, Lnchr. You can find it here. It's very simple, and while it could use some configuration options and a clean uninstall (right now it forgets to reassign the launcher pointer to the default one, so your home button does jack after deleting Lnchr... to remedy this simply reinstall and uncheck the "Lnchr is default launcher" option under Preferences)

    Lnchr has a few unique features (ok, I've seen some of it done before in Initiate but didn't like the interface enough to try it) and does them simply, which is what makes them great.

    It has a current date listed in the main screen (well there are two views, one looks like the normal launcher for the most part and the other is the one I'll discuss here) and an icon list at the bottom of the most recently run apps.

    To launch an app, you can tap either the tiny or normal sized icon, you can 5-way nav to it and click, or you can type-and-search till it narrows the list down to the appropriate app. By default, if it narrows to a single, unique application, it will launch it automatically. This is great!

    You can also switch by pressing space or using the menu (either turns off the current date display :frown:) to go between "123" and "abc" modes. This is a bit confusing because the two modes basically operate simultaneously in "123" mode, which is the one I've described here. The icons are laid out in a 3x3 grid and correspond to the numeric keys 1-9 on your Treo's keyboard. The only catch is you have to type the numbers using the Option key, which I find a bit tedious.

    Personally, I would prefer that pressing space turned off/on the auto-numeric entry mode, and that to jump between views you exclusively used the menu.

    Anyhow, I've been asked by the developer to start a thread on a Treo forum, and ET seems to be my favorite, nicest looking one. Please concentrate all discussion of this software in this thread.

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    Bug hunting:
    I also note that some icons fail to display correctly. Off hand I only notice Google Maps Mobile, but there may be others.

    Also, my SD card doesn't show up whatsoever.
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    1. Space triggers input change, not view change.
    2. 12 items visible in "abc" mode rather than just 9
    3. SD card visible
    4. Category filter to prevent launching applications not visible in currently selected category
    5. Manual (I'd write one myself if it was requested)
    6. Configuration pages. There's almost no user configuration options in the current version.
    7. Ability to set wallpaper to nothing. Once I set the wallpaper before, I was unable to remove the image. That's no good.
    Lesser Wishlist:
    1. I haven't used "abc" mode much, but I notice that in either mode, arrowing down on the 5-way only scrolls the "page" rather than moving through items as it does in the regular launcher. Given that most folks will be using the new launch methods (they're faster) anyway, this doesn't seem to be much of an issue but it may confuse some. I vote that arrowing down should arrow through the list and when at the END, it should scroll the "page".
    I realize many of these things are in the works according to the todo list on the product page (and even more stuff like todo items under the cal page and a listing of all ebooks/docs on the phone to launch to immediately, etc.) but this is my personal list.
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    New find: Hitting "Enter" key causes mini icons on the bottom to puff up like the Mac OSX launcher and arrowing selects apps from these. Sweet!
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    I will add an option to default OP+ {ON} in [123] mode, such that 1-9 direct launch a key closer.

    The reason to pick spacebar for mode switching is for "someone who wants to know the time fast". BTW, the OP+ key is sort of an auto-numeric toggle. :cool:
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    Thanks, I'd test it.
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    1. this change is big, and most likely will be an option (see previous reply)
    2. in todo now.
    3. it's under development, will be ready in 1.0 beta 6
    4. don't understand. the available icons are already filtered by category.
    5. (will you?) :cool:
    6. True. Options, options...
    7. My fault, in todo list now.

    1. yes, it is already in the todo :)
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    (Regarding # 4 comment from before)
    Yes, my mistake, I realized after I wrote that that categories do filter out other apps, I must've had mine in All when I thought that.

    As for all the other comments, excellent excellent excellent!

    I will certainly write up a manual, (HTML or PDF, straight text, whatever you like. If I find time to load it up in an emulator I can do screenshots and have it real professional like hehe) possibly start it this weekend.

    After a days or so of consistent use, no crashes or other misbehavior thus far. Solid software.

    One other question/comment:
    You can cycle through the various date/time displays by tapping on the calendar. I'd like to see a 12-hour display in some of the modes that aren't showing seconds, etc. My prefered mode is the one which shows Month on top, day of month as the big number, and weekday bottom left with time bottom right. But this is only in 24-hour time. No big deal, but it'd be nice to have the option.

    As far as launching the MRU list from the top row of keys, we'd need a shortcut for that or something so as to not conflict with the typing.

    My optimal use of this app is basically using this unique view, having a toggle to get in or out of quick 9-key entry mode, and having the "abc" filter mode work when this is toggled off. And of course all of the planned goodies will be welcome as well.

    Thanks for the responses, Horace!
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    Wow! Thanks for the manual. I'd prefer html, as it is easier to view online. For screenshots, there are some on http://palmgadget.com/lnchr.html too. The Treo 680 simulator was out two days ago on: http://pluggedin.palm.com/

    12-hour time in the calendar is now in the todo :smile:

    For MRU icons launch, is it ok to use the Shift key as shortcut? Say, shift-w (capital letter W) will launch the second icon in the MRU. Lower-case letters are for search. OP+ 1-9 is for 9-icon selection.

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    Cool, will have to mess with the simulator, I haven't looked at sims/emus/Palm dev in some months since I've finally got a nice job and haven't got as much free time. (well, truth be told I've been spending 4 hours a day commuting, which is really the prime contributor to my decline in free time activities!)

    Glad to hear about the 12-hour time.

    I think for the various input modes ("abc", "123" and "MRU") it'd be nice to have some sort of visual indicator onscreen so you can spot at a glance which mode you're in. I'd definitely prefer toggles (which maintain state between launcher sessions) to simply pressing [for instance] OP+1 to start the first ap or SHIFT+Q for the first MRU app. These are cool for one off app launches but if you have a preferred mode of operating it'd be nice to be able to sticky that mode.

    So, perhaps an icon beside the category filter up top? Even a simple "abc", "123", "MRU" string that stands out somehow would be welcome. Or a little graphic of a grid to represent 9-key entry, etc...?

    Just some ideas.
  11. horace

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    Net idea. I'd do it.

    Thank you!
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    Wow, I just downloaded/installed the new version of Lnchr. Ahem, Treo Launcher. Sweet! all 12 of my Main apps in Main category now. I may have to pare down to 9 since the 9-key entry is counterintuitive with 4 rows. (wasn't thinking about that...)

    And even better, this run-from-card stuff, is freakin great! Copies on the fly to memory and deletes afterward? That's amazing, dude. The asterisk
    marking works well. I need time to test how well it works.

    I have a lot of applications duplicated between my memory and the card. If possible I'd like to run a lot of these off the card to save onboard memory. What's the best way of ensuring I don't lose data but am still able to run these apps from the card rather than memory? Go into FileZ or similar app and remove the prc? Will the pdbs still be there?
  13. horace

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    I don't have staright answer to this question. The question is even more difficult when Palm introduces the NVFS [SIZE=-1](non-volatile file system).

    The not-so-useful answer is "case by case" since any of the following config is application specific, i.e. each application may behave differently:

    1 prc and pdb in memory
    2 prc on card and pdb in memory
    3 prc in memory and pdb on card
    4 prc and pdb on card

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    Fair enough. However, I get consistent errors any time I try to run apps from the card. They seem to launch fine (perhaps a small delay as they are copied into memory, it's hard to tell) but when I go to exit the app (via any method, Home button, Email, Phone, etc) I get a soft reset.

    After reading the error message, I've determined the error is being thrown by KeyCaps600, a staple hack on my Treo for some time now. I guess I'll try and contact the developer, though I don't know if it's still in active development.

    After disabling the hack, apps launched from SD card seem to launch and exit fine.

    So be on the lookout for users running this hack!
  15. thynctank

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    I've found that the new version of KeyCaps for Treo 650s works fine!

    click here for those interested. (I can affirm this works on 650, don't know about 700, 680, etc. Nor do I know whether this works or is necessary on 600)
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    Now what would be real great is the ability to assign categories to apps on the card. Is that possible somehow?

    Even if they were to be stored in a separate pdb only accessible to Treo Launcher but treated the same as those stored in the normal categories db, I'd really love that ability. Because then I could offload all my favorite apps to card and have tons of onboard space which right now is at a premium. (I almost always have less than 5 megs available)
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    Thanks for reprting the issue, at the mement, I have receied 3 apps which may conflict with Treo Launcher if it tries to run programs on card:

    ~ Conflict ~

    - DBCacheTool - after start apps from card, crash. [1.0 beta 6] (shtwang)
    - Hi-launcher - after start apps from card, crash. [1.0 beta 6] (shortdogg)
    - KeyCaps600 - after start apps from card, crash. [1.0 beta 6] (tank)

    I'd look into the problem and try to find a way out.

    Thank you!
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    What about this idea?

  19. horace

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    I am thinking an (easy) way to do "categories for card".

    One possibility is to support sub-folder in /Palm/Launcher/, e.g.

    .. etc

    but that will not be compatible with default launcher.

    Otherwise, I have to set up another table (+ configuration screen) to assign card apps into categories. That'd take some development time.


    Originally Posted by thynctank [​IMG]
    Now what would be real great is the ability to assign categories to apps on the card. Is that possible somehow?

    Even if they were to be stored in a separate pdb only accessible to Treo Launcher but treated the same as those stored in the normal categories db, I'd really love that ability. Because then I could offload all my favorite apps to card and have tons of onboard space which right now is at a premium. (I almost always have less than 5 megs available)


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    Either way works for me, I can shuffle files around just fine on Palm or elsewhere. UniCmd is great!