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Discussion in 'Cingular' started by Jacob6, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Jacob6

    Jacob6 New Member

    My dad recently changed jobs in which he got to pick out a new phone, choosing the Palm Treo 750. With this he got the unlimited data transfer package from Cingular.

    I have been using this to surf online while on the road, but lately have had some problems. When attempting to login here (personal blog), it won't login. Usually, if you have the wrong username/password it will display "login failed" in red lettering above the login fields. However, when I attempt to login on my dad's Treo it is like it just refreshs the page. It doesn't display the "login failed" text nor the user menu (displays if logged in correctly).

    The password for my account is a number and letter combo, does this have something to do with it? I am using the Internet Explorer that came on the phone.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smile:
  2. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Sometimes a site won't let you login unless the page completely loads.

  3. jfa

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    Had you been able to login to that site before using your Dad'ds treo 750. I have seen on this forum and others that some sites do not recognize logins from mobile devices.