Look 4 a Bluetooth to work in the Gym (Pre)

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by ∏mp, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. ∏mp

    ∏mp New Member

    I want to put aside my Pre in the corner and be able to walk around (30 FT) the gym listening to Pandora and/or Podcasts on my Headset.
    Any suggestions?
  2. dcarroll23

    dcarroll23 New Member

    i have plantronics voyager 855 (stereo) bluetooth. for music to stream whatever headset you use has to allow a2dp bluetooth connection

    works fine, but sound is tinny and you have to manually press call button on headset to answer calls (buzz is that this will/can be fixed ins updates).inexpensive tho..think i paid $35 on web. has detachable 2ndearpiece for stereo that helps sound quality.
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  3. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    I gone through a bunch of Moto and Plantronic headsets and find the Motos have had better range.

    From that alone I'd say grab some Motos. Problem being from what I've read the S9s don't work to well in a gym environment from sweat.
    I have some HT820's and they work well, I sit the phone on a shelf about 15 feet away while working out.
    I haven't done a range test of them with the Pre but with a MotoQ9c and a T-Pro I could get 75feet away with obsticals(sp?) before it started breaking up losing the signal completely a few paces more.
  4. mlevi

    mlevi New Member

    I use the Motorola S9. Works great for me at the gym.
  5. 2003DSG

    2003DSG New Member

    Same here S9 work awsome for me leave the phone in my bag and do what I gotta do, to me seem s like I wonder farther than 30 at times with no greif
  6. atoy74

    atoy74 New Member

    Motorola S9 (or the newer S9-HDs)

    As for walking around 30ft range, that might be tough. Another suggestion is to wear the Pre on an armband. Paired with the S9s you'll have the luxury of no wires while you workout.