Looking for CHARGERS wallpaper

Discussion in 'Palm Pre Wallpapers' started by rsoschmidt@yahoo.com, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Im looking for some Chargers wall paper.

    If anyone knows a good place to look. Send me the URL

    Thanks! :dft010:smile
  2. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    did yo utry to search this site wallpaper?
  3. Honis

    Honis New Member

    Try going to the official Chargers site and using the screenshot/email view to yourself methods to make your own. If you think they're good put them up on the site to help others out :)
  4. vikesfan

    vikesfan New Member

  5. SDRANGER619

    SDRANGER619 New Member

    nice! Now if only i knew how to get this on my phone...?
  6. vikesfan

    vikesfan New Member

    Hook phone to PC.
    Put into USB mode
    copy and Paste into wallpaper folder
  7. SDRANGER619

    SDRANGER619 New Member

    Thanks! I guess I should've updated my post. I did more research learned how to do this.

    Another way to do it is emailing the jpg to yourself and then "copy to photos". worked like a charm, especially since my USB stuff is at home.