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Discussion in 'Treo Accessories' started by treosmith, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. treosmith

    treosmith New Member

    Do you have room for one more site?

    There are plenty of sites that offer accessories and info. However, offers spare parts for Treo 600 only - a dedicated site for users to get best prices for used and new parts.

    Please contact us or give us a call if you know of a part or accessory that you think we should know.

    Looking forward to serving you soon.

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  2. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Do you sell replacement lids for Treo 300's??

  3. treosmith

    treosmith New Member

    treo 300 lids

    Unfortunately, I work with Treo 600 parts only. Thanks for asking anyway.

    Good luck,


    p/s How about upgrading to Treo 600, eh? Cheers.
  4. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I have a Treo 600 and a Treo 300.. had a 180...and soon to be 650.:D
  5. treosmith

    treosmith New Member

    Missing a Treo

    You must get the Treo 90 to complete the Treo family line.....:) Personally, Treo 90 was my first experience of Treo's Magic!

  6. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Do you know where someone can find an LCD for a Treo 650? One of our forum members smashed his LCD.

  7. treosmith

    treosmith New Member

    Treo 650 LCD screen

    Well, no luck with the LCD. User gotta call Palmone/Sprint/Verizon for replacement. Sorry... no after-market solution for Treo 650 LCD thus far. My stock for Treo 600 LCD too is zero since last month.

    Treosmith Owner
  8. michelle

    michelle New Member


    I need to get a new LCD for my treo 600. Where can I get one?
  9. ajayacharya_250

    ajayacharya_250 New Member

    Earpiece speaker

    Hi Nick,

    Please let me know how much would a Earpiece speaker cost? What about the availability/leadtime?
    Do you have screws for the Treo 600 (also would you be able to give the rubber caps that conceal the screws??

    - Ajay
  10. OOarjun

    OOarjun New Member

    treo 600 sim tray?

    I really need a treo 600 sim tray/sim card holder. any ideas on where I can get this little plastic thing that has put my life at standstill?

  11. WereRat

    WereRat New Member

    Need parts for my used treo 600

    hey all... hoping that someone can help me with this SMALL problem that i am having... just picked up a used treo 600, didnt come with anything, but finding the right accessories hasnt proved a problem until i ordered the new battery... thought i would be hard wired like a cordless battery, but turns out they are not and the wire harness that connects the battery to the board is a seperate piece unto itself...
    here in rests my question...

    does ANYONE have a spare or no where i can purchase the wire harness, to connect the battery to the board in the treo 600??!!


  12. ajayacharya_250

    ajayacharya_250 New Member

    Hi Arjun.

    Let me know where you are based... in India??? I can help you get one.....
  13. Web-Media

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    So... this is my first news post since i have been on your very nice Forum. I'm an italian reader and I liked this forum entry the most though, the way you said it was just amazing! :D