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Discussion in 'Treo and Mac OS X' started by daogre, May 21, 2008.

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    It seems to me, that 90% of what goes on in these forums is trying to get phones synced with OSX, and there are lots of questions, so I hope I can get some help by providing all of the answers in one place:

    1. I have a treo 755p and OSX 10.4.11.
    2. I can't get my phone to sync with Palm Desktop over the USB cable, but it will sync (very slowly) over bluetooth.
    3. I used the Palm Desktop that came on the CD with my phone and the cable that came with my phone.
    4. The phone will sync over USB in a windows VM if parallels is active and has had the treo assigned to it.
    5. The phone shows up in the hardware list on 'about my mac'
    6. The transport monitor is running and USB sync is enabled in Hot Sync settings.
    7. If I manually start the conduit manager (what starts when the hotsync begins) then start the hotsync on the treo nothing happens.

    Mostly it seems like the transport monitor isn't getting the 'signal' from the phone to start a hotsync.

    I would eventually like to turn on isync, but I'm pretty sure the first step is to get it actually syncing.

    Hopefully that's enough information that you guys can suggest something.
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    I have leapard and use missing sync. Palmdesktop did not have a version to work at that time. Don't know if they have one yet.....I would see what version you have and besure it is the one to sync with the new mac software