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Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by jap00_34, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. jap00_34

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    Has anyone installed a Motorola T605 themselves? I'm looking into adding blue tooth/A2dp capabilities to my '06 Honda Accord and have been looking at the T605. I know that I'll need to buy a 3rd party wiring harness (because I don't want to splice the existing wiring), but would like to bounce some questions off anyone that has actually installed one themselves.

    I've been looking all over the internet, but haven't had any luck in finding a simple step-by-step installation. Was hoping to see some pictures of the wiring so that I know exactly which/what wiring harness to buy.

    PS: I don't want to have anything via FM transmitter because of the poor audio quality and the pain of changing stations all the time...
  2. ImNoPrince

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    WOW i have the T505 and just ordered another for my other Jeep.

    I might have to look into one of these . I know I did a Hardwire install for my XM and this looks about the same type deal.

    And for something like this the QuickSplice boxes should be no problem and it looks like it's fused good so make sure you can get to them if you need when you hide your wires
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    You like the T505? You have any problems with the sound quality and/or having to constantly change the station? I don't have any experience with either the 505 or 605, but have had other transmitters.
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    I do like it and the only time I have issues with sound is when i travel . Like I went from MD to PA and had t switch stations and then switch back on the way home . But it's easy to do.

    When it's in my Company van I normally don't run it through the radio and the External speaker works great for just calls. In the my Jeep I do the same but in the wifes Jeep I run Pandora so use it all the time for that . I also drive hers more then mine as it gets better gas milage.
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    The problem I have with the T505 is it sometimes, OK quite often, picks frequencies that are slightly dirty.
    I'd much rather program station frequencies myself.

    The other "problem" is is take a few too many steps to get rolling.
    Hold the power button for 3 seconds then hit the FM TX button, call me lazy but I'd rather have it start up with the car.

    It sounds a little better than my Sirius radio, when it's on a good higher frequency. No problem there.
    I'm on 103.5 which is great in my area so I have to be careful NOT to change it by mistake.

    Did some quick searching and it appears to be an involved install.
    There is an adapter here that I'm sure will help.
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    Can someone with the T605 give me the measurements for the interface module (the actual piece that you see). I'm hoping that it'll fit nicely in my "ashtray" area.

    This part:
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    Not yet!! But one of my friend installed a Motorola T605 himself.He has got help from some friends.