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    Palm's built-in music player has just been remixed! Some of the features you've been missing, or didn't even know you missed, have been added.
    Music Player (Remix) comes with the following enhancements:
    Music Collection Organization Tools

    • Save your position in a track by tapping the bookmark icon on the "Now Playing" screen. Go to the "Bookmarks" section on the main menu screen to view or delete your bookmarks.
    • Automatically save your position in the current track and playlist when exiting the app. When re-starting the app, tap the "Resume Play" button at the top of the main menu screen to resume play.
    • Save on-the-fly playlists ("flylists") directly on your device. In any song list or on the "Now Playing" screen, tap the "add flylist" icon to add the song to a flylist
    "Now Playing" screen enhancements

    • Skip to any part of a song using the new progress slider.
    • Turn your device around to view the player in landscape mode. As an added bonus, every single screen in the app is optimized for both portrait and landscape viewing.
    • Read the lyrics of a song by tapping the "Lyrics" icon on the "Now Playing" screen. Lyrics are pulled instantly from the service.
    • Flick up or down on the album art to go instantly to the current artist's album list.
    • Search the current artist in Wikipedia by selecting the "Wikipedia" option in the app menu.
    • The "YouTube" song search option in the app menu has been enhanced to search for [artist name] [song name].
    Aesthetic customization

    • Change the background color of the app to anything you'd like using the red/green/blue color selector sliders in the "Preferences" menu.
    • Select a wallpaper image for the app from any of the images stored on your device in the "Preferences" menu.
    • Change the font color of the app to white or black to match your dark or light backgrounds.
    Navigation enhancements

    • The main menu is always just a flick away. Swipe from right-to-left on the titlebar of any screen to go directly to the main menu screen.
    • Tap on the titlebar of any screen to pause/play the current track.
    • On the "all albums", "artists", or "songs" list screens, an alphabet selector is available to quickly scroll down to a particular letter.

    Easter Eggs

    • Easter Egg #1 Hint: "It's all About the Remix!"
    • Easter Egg #2 Hint: .CBA sa ysae s'tI .Ximer eht tou keeS
    • Easter Egg #3 Hint: Sometimes when pondering over the words of your favorite song, you should look at things from a different perspective.
    Donations - If you're interested in donating, here's the link: [​IMG]

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    You are welcome.

    Is it going to be on the appcatalog sometime or it is already there I am little lost here. ???? Thanks

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    Sure you will have a lot customers who would like to download it Pls let us know when it is available