Music Player Streams Podcasts: Yawns Abound

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by .plaid, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. .plaid

    .plaid New Member

    So, I may be a little late to the party but I wanted to share that the minimalist (to be generous) music player auto-streams podcasts.


    I got to this screen by clicking download today's podcast which, in the past, has given me the option to Open With... or Download so I'm guessing that the OS auto-opened the file that I would have otherwise downloaded.


    Edit: And then at the end of the podcast it goes back to the webpage from which the link was clicked.
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  2. PreInsiders

    PreInsiders New Member

    Confirmed! Will work for any .mp3 file that can be right clicked > save link/target as and instead will stream it through the Music Player app on your Pre. Great news, now I can browse HypeMachine on my Pre. Gonna do a write up on this, linking back credit to you though!
  3. Yardboy

    Yardboy New Member

    Very cool - thanks.
  4. photomatic

    photomatic New Member

    Awesome. Saves me the hassle of loading them through iTunes. Maybe I should start a Pre podcast....
  5. themirthfulswami

    themirthfulswami New Member

    Wow... I'm totally going to have to use this feature. I hate having to constantly bring my Zune in and sync up to get my latest podcasts :)
  6. Lynx

    Lynx New Member

    So I guess all we have to do now is attach a small nuclear power plant to our hip and we will be able to listen to the whole podcast... :tounge:

    I know.. I know.. I'm just bitter because I live and work in Sprint EVDO dead spots
  7. aolbites

    aolbites New Member

    The only downside is the podcasts I've downloaded and listened to on my pre, don't remember where I left off, so I have to fast forward which is hard, since there is no progress bar to drag on, and no indication of time elapsed. Which is weird since your screen shot shows otherwise.
  8. ogremustcrush

    ogremustcrush New Member

    Why the heck does the streaming player have a seekbar, but the normal music player does not... Drives me insane every time I lose my place in a podcast, since the pre doesn't auto-resume them.
  9. PreInsiders

    PreInsiders New Member

    Are there any free online media storage systems/software? I'm thinking about batch uploading my music collection (yes, I realize how long it would take) and listing it as .mp3 files so I could, in theory, stream my entire music collection to have with me wherever I go.

    Or have we found an Orb streaming workaround yet?

    edit: .plaid I blogged about this post and the general idea and linked back here + gave you credit. Thanks again!
  10. .plaid

    .plaid New Member

    I pointed this out in another thread but it bears repeating here:

    If you have the FFW and REW buttons on the song page, then press and hold the button to move through a file (song, etc.). For podcasts and to watch progress in general, tap the list icon in the upper right corner of the player to change to a list view - this view allows you to see the progression through the file.


    You can see that the longer you hold the button down the larger the time-jump-interval becomes.

    Is this a good candidate for the FAQ update thread?

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  11. ppembe62

    ppembe62 New Member

    I am only getting 6 sec's of live streaming ... I have downloaded & installed webos1.1.0...what the heck is wrong?