New Cingular Treo 1.15 Updater for Treo 650

Discussion in 'Cingular' started by cmeinck, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. cmeinck

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    Palm has announced the release of the Cingular Treo 650 1.15 updater. The updater is billed as offering numerous enhancements including:

    <ul> Optimizes memory handling and frees up more memory with non-volatile file system improvements
    Includes VersaMail 3.0c, the latest version for Cingular Wireless Treo 650.
    Adds voice quality enhancements.
    Includes "Get Good" application which facilitates faster, wireless installation of Good Technology’s GoodLink email software for business customers
    <li>Improves battery life
  2. cellphonelarry

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    did it

    Well after a zillion random reboots, I went through the process yesterday morning and installed the update. A painless process. So far the phone has only restarted once. Before the update it would be three or four times a day. I still can not receive MMS messages sent to my phone from a PC, and Cingular is stumped, saying the update would address that issue. Sorry, no. I love the phone, do wish it were slimmer and contain a beter camera, overall, its an excellent device.
  3. Andy L

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    cingular update

    Help I am trying to do the update But when I get to the part that I have to change my profile name to a temp name My pc will not let me do it . anyone else have this problem ? Any ideas?
  4. cellphonelarry

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    do this

    Hi From the screen with the list of user names, click and choose NEW USER/Profile and create a new one. :thumbup:
  5. Andy L

    Andy L New Member

    user name

    Thanks for getting back to me but I only see choose a user name and when you click the box it has my name and then it says select. when I click on select it will not let me type in a new name. IT seem to only want to let me use my name.

  6. mikeylikesit

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    BT wireless headsets and the Cingular 1.15 updater

    i just installed the updater without a hitch (just follow the instructions carefully). It seems everything is okay except my Sony Erickson HBH-660 bluetooth headset no longer works with the Treo. Before the updater it worked fine.

    I tried to pair it with the Treo and it is listed as a trusted device. When I turn the headset on the Treo shows that a bluetooth connection is in progress. Still the headset does not work and when I make a call, the phone window shows no headset icon.

    I've checked some other forums and others are having the same problem with different headsets. The Palm website no longer lists my headsset as a supported device. Before I bought it I checked the website. It was then supported.

    DO NOT INSTALL THE UPDATER IF YOU HAVE A BLUETOOTH HEADSET! Wait til this mess is cleared up. I'm verrrrrrry PO'd!

  7. Andy L

    Andy L New Member


    I did the update and my motorola Bluetooth headseat still works . BUT now my phone shuts off all the time for no reason. This is my 4th 650 in 2 months they all either freeze up or shut down or reboot all the time. I am done! I am getting a blackberry instead I have no time for this.
  8. stevemost

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    Bluetooth and Voice connect

    Logitech Mobile Pro BT Headset works fine after the firmware upgrade. In fact everything works well, very stable. Data seems a little faster too, but never fast enough!

    My only complaint about the Treo 650 is that even though Cingular's "voice connect" works with my Bluetooth headset, you have to press *8 on the phone before requesting the call by name. There is also no way to select which phone number you want for that contact. It defaults to whatever is first in the list of numbers for that contact. It also has a VERY hard time understanding your request if there is background noise. So it worked very well in my office (where I dont need to use voice dial) and doesn't work at all in my car, where I do want and need to use it.

    I came from a sony-ericsson BT phone that did voice dial via BT PERFECTLY. With that system, you recorded contact names and the words HOME, MOBILE, and WORK. When you wanted to make a call, you pressed a button on the headset waited for a beep and said the contact name as pre-recorded. the system repeats the name and beeps again if there are mulyiple phone numbers. You say home or mobile or work and it connects.

    I miss that feature very much. The Cingular voice connect feature is useless.

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  9. tpeters

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    Is DUN available on the Cingular version?
  10. stevemost

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    Haven't tried it yet but I read it is included (DUN).:thumbup: