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Discussion in 'Treo 680' started by Ed S., Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Ed S.

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    I just got a TREO 680 (AT&T). I previously used a T3 and a regular phone.

    1) I note that Note Pad, an application that I found immensely useful, appears to no longer be available. I have tried to beam the app from my T3 but it is protected. Is there a way around the protection or is there a good substitue app with the same functionality?

    2) The Contacts app in the Treo 680 shows two lines for each entry but it shows little information. On the T3, the Contacts show the name and phone number on one line so that there are more entries per screen. I find that a much more useful approach. Is there a substitute application that is more like the T3 Contacts app?

    3) Does anyone know about an application that will un-protect the copy-protected apps on the TREO? I would like to move some that I use less frequently to the card rather than on the device proper.
  2. MleB

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    I can give you an answer to 1) above -

    If you use the freeware FileZ
    ( you should be able beam Note Pad over from your older device. This is accessed by drilling down the internal 'tree' to the program, checking it off and clicking Details. You will want to individually beam over Note Pad and Note Pad_enUS.

    You'll note I said 'should be able..' above - the only caveat I have on this is that while this worked using my TX, the T3 is slightly older and is using a different OS version. I guessing that Note Pad is compatible across the range, but it may not work on the Treo.

    Incidentally, you could, if they're compatible, also beam across Expense (and any other program Palm felt worthy to dump but which you found useful), but note the current Desktops have no support for Note Pad or Expense any more. A hotsync will back them up, you just can't view them anymore on your computer.
  3. Ed S.

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    I am trying to find out how to Hotsync my T3 now that I upgraded to TREO 680. Then I'll try FileZ.

    Thanks fopr the info.
  4. MleB

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    My suggestion above only requires you to 'Beam' the info across from one Palm to another (FileZ gives you that option), while if you've installed the Treo 680's Palm Desktop, it should 'see' your T3 the first time you Hotsync it and create a 'desktop' for that.

    (Incidentally, Quick Install does not work if your computer is running Vista. Downloaded programs to your computer can still be directed installed to your Treo however thru right click > Send to...> Palm Powered Handheld, which does the exact same thing. But I digress....)

    Having said that, the Palms cannot have the same User Name when sync'ing with the Desktop - it will cause some grief. So both your Treos cannot be called "Ed's PDA" , for example. It's worth looking at Palm Knowledge Library ID: 24485 (changing your device's User Name) and ID: 41712 (transferring info from previous device to a 680).

    Bon chance!
  5. swieder

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    My Treo has an application called Memos that replaces the Notepad app.
  6. Robin24k

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    Ed, PM or email me with your email address and I can send NotePad to you. I have 2.3, which is probably newer than the version on your T3.

    As for #3, those locked apps are in the ROM and cannot be moved. Because they are in the ROM, they do not affect available storage space. If the icons bother you, try Obfuscate.
  7. MleB

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    Sorry, but no, it doesn't.

    Memos (MemoPad in older devices) has been around as long as NotePad, but they are two different programs. Memos creates simple plain text documents, using the keyboard of the Treo (or Graffiti in the earlier versions), while NotePad allows you to write/draw directly on the screen within the program to save a electronic 'sticky note'. With Treos, and their almost total reliance on thumboard input, NotePad was dumped by Palm.

    NotePad is great as a place to write a quick note or phone number and it's too bad Palm has removed it and its support in the Desktop.
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  8. birddog

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    Palm had several Forgotten Applications: Note Pad, Expense, and Voice Memo. In addition to the Palm application, there is a desktop counterpart and conduit for syncing.

    I have NOT done this, but here is a link to a page that explains how to get back these applications on your treo. (This was more effort than I wanted to go through to get back Expense)
  9. revbilly

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    Try NinerJot in the software section. It's a free download.
  10. Ed S.

    Ed S. New Member

    Thanks - Great App!

    Thanks for the tip. This is actually better than Notepad in some ways. I like the color but would also like to have varied pen sizes.
  11. birddog

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