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Discussion in 'Treo and Mac OS X' started by ms.fashionista, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Sorry if this question has been answered before...I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I installed Palm Desktop onto my Mac and tried to hotsync my treo to my mac and kept on getting error messages. I have now uninstalled Palm Desktop and would like to start anew. What should I do? Should I go the Missing Sync route? I would like not to if I can help it...

    What I would like to do is sync my entourage calendar, entourage contacts, iphotos and itunes to my treo 755p and I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. Can someone please post step by step instructions for me? Thanks so much!
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    BUMP... :) i'd like to know too. i have the exact problem. Treo 755 sync with mac. can't figure it out. i hit the hot sync button and nothing at all happens....
  3. cmeinck

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    Have you installed Palm Desktop that came with the Treo 755p. Out of the box, it will not support Entourage. If you enable iSync, you will be able to sync your iApps. Which Mac OS are you using?

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    Mac OS 10.3.9
  5. cmeinck

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    Have you installed Palm Desktop from the CD that came with your Treo 755p?

    Are you looking to sync your iApps?

  6. ms.fashionista

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    Yes, I have installed Palm Desktop from the CD and I am operating on Mac OSX 10.4.10. What are iApps? I just would like to sync some of my music from my iTunes i.e. treo playlist and some photos from a album in my iPhotos called treo photos uploads and another one called treo photos downloads.

    Thanks in advance!
  7. cmeinck

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    iApps would be iCal, Address Book. You will not be able to sync playlists. However, with Missing Sync (third party program), you can drag and drop music from iTunes to your Treo's expansion card. If the music was purchased from the iTunes store, it will not play on the Treo. It needs to be either from your personal CD collection or you would have to burn/re-import into iTunes as an MP3. iTunes songs are protected and only playable via the Mac, iPod or iPhone.

    Same goes for iPhoto -- don't recall functions/features available with Missing Sync.

    For iCal and Address Book, you'll need to do the following:
    • Install Palm Desktop for Treo 755p. Connect your Treo using the included USB cable. Perform a HotSync to confirm connectivity between the Treo and your Mac
    • Enable Palm OS Sycing: In your Mac applications folder, open iSync and then select "enable Palm OS syncing". If I recall, then you select Add device and select your Treo
    • Perform a HotSync and iSync will now perform the calendar/contacts portion of the sync process.
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    As Chris said above, Entourage is not supported out of the box with the Palm Desktop CD that comes with the Treos.

    You need to install the Handheld Sync Installer found under /Applications/Microsoft Office 2004/Additional Tools. This will enable the Palm Desktop software to sync directly with Entourage 2004.

    After installing the above, use the Hotsync Manager to setup your conduit settings for the Entourage Conduit.
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    Hello, I am trying to decide between a Treo 755p and a Motorola Q and i know that syncing with Mac 10.3.9 is an issue.

    What is the response you would have offered GoAngels? Will installing Palm Desktop allow syncing with Panther or would I need need some other 3rd-party app?

    My impression is that I'd probably like the MotoQ better in a perfect world where i had up-to-date OS :p but short of that perhaps the Treo will work for me without having to update? Am I understanding correctly?

    However, I looked at the Palm Desktop website and saw nothing about the 755p in the download for Macintosh.

  10. jrotem

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    OK, since posting i got to see the both phones in person and got a thumbs up on the Treo and down on the Q from both Verizon and Sprint staff. I have ordered the Treo through Sprint and hope I'll be able to apply rebates, tether once in a while and sync. That's a lot of hoping :D
  11. cmeinck

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    Congrats. I tested the Treo 755p on my Mac set up and it worked perfectly. It's the best in breed when it comes to Treo smartphones. I think you'll thoroughly enjoy it.

  12. jrotem

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    Thanks! So far it's been a lot of fun and I've only scratched the surface... not even. I am impressed at how intuitive it is.

    OK, so back to my original question, I am on Mac OS 10.3.9. The phone and Mac Hot Sync'd but why do I need Missing Sync? Is that to import data from Address Book and iCal and the like? Also, I seem to have read conflicting things about whether Missing Sync supports 10.3.9.

  13. cmeinck

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    You do not need Missing Sync to sync Address Book and iCal. You just need iSync and to enable Palm OS Syncing. Basically, this allows you to sync your iApps instead of using Palm's Calendar/Contacts.

    Missing Sync does provide additional features. For example, if you have a removable media card in your Treo, it will mount in iTunes making it easy to put music on your Treo. It's more of an extension of capabilities, rather than a necessity. For bare bones syncing, Palm Desktop will suffice.

  14. jrotem

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    Chris, I guess my confusion came in where I set up the HotSync but didn't see how to sync iCal and the rest.

    It's also very possible that after reading the MotoQ forums for a full week before buying the Treo that I am confusing everything I read over there with stuff here!

    I'll go back to RTDM ;)
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    Just a quick little response on the downloading of iTunes music onto a Treo 755P. I was unable to drag and drop the music from iTunes itself, however, I had no problems dragging any of my music, purchased or ripped, from my iTunes Music folder (in "Music") in the Finder. Everything transferred and played perfectly on my Treo
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    Guys I just got a new mac with leapard os. The palm and apple folks are working to get the palm and mac (leapard) to sync. I did not wait and did the seven day free trial on missing sync. DON"T do that unless you want to buy it.

    It syncs everything great. very easy. In fact it saves your texts and call logs on the mac. You can click on texts and they come up. VERY cool. ($39.99)

    Sync your photos to any folder. too neat