No option to seclude AIM contacts from phone contacts???

Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by Phempa, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Phempa

    Phempa New Member

    I have the Pixi Plus with Verizon.

    Despite it freezing up on me from time to time (with barely any load, one card open), I have a serious qualm with the way it manages contacts.

    I have hundreds of AIM contacts in my AIM account. I DO NOT WANT THESE SCREEN NAMES IN MY PHONE CONTACTS. I DO want to be able to use AIM. Many of them are people I rarely talk to. There is no way to seclude AIM contacts from phone contacts, which to me is a HUGE drawback.

    I hate this about the phone, and almost makes me want to return it and get something different.

    Palm.... PLEASE do something about this... make it so we have the option of NOT including the AIM screen names in our phone's contact list.

    I removed the AIM account from my phone, and some of the screen names were removed from my contacts list, but not all of them. This, as well, is a fu*king hassle.

    I'm disappointed with the glitchiness and ineptness of WebOS.
  2. JGood

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    User You can sync these contacts with the existing contact for the same person. Plus who really uses their contact list? Just start typing the name of the person you are looking for and their info pulls right up from the main screen.
  3. Phempa

    Phempa New Member

    I'm pretty sure you missed the point, JGood.

    This has nothing to do with combining screennames with contacts.

    Let me reiterate. I do not want my AIM contacts to show up in my phone contact list, but I still want the ability to use AIM.

    There is no way to work around this.

    How is that a "user error"?

    Oh, and I use my contact list. Glad to hear you don't, but I'm not you.
  4. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    can't you just remove aim from your contact list, leaving it only in your messaging app?

    I thought they were separate entities?
  5. nerelda

    nerelda New Member

    If they are indeed separate entities and this can be done, I too am not sure how. I signed into my aim account just once to check in with family during an emergency last week and immediately, the contacts there were synced into my phone contacts list. It would be nice if before things like this are done, we are asked if we want this to happen or not.
  6. aveksler

    aveksler New Member

    I can see Palm's view on Contact app as a synergy concept, where it is all transparent to us. Doesn't help you though. Would be nice to have a switch.

    I removed facebook account for the same reason.

    I would suggest start a chat session with the support. It is free. Eventually there will be a case number and sent to 2nd and 3rd level support. And development team will be in touch with you.

    good luck