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Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by preKY, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. reagan247

    reagan247 New Member

    No it's not... mine does it. Maybe you should check to make sure your system sounds isn't lower than you're used to. When I installed 1.2 it set my system sounds low so I had to manually raise the volume on them.
  2. masquerader1979

    masquerader1979 New Member

    @reagan are right. Systems sounds all got lowered...the swoosh still lives!
  3. reagan247

    reagan247 New Member

    I thought so... That was the 1st thing I checked, being as Palm's release notes said that they raised the default ringtone level and lowered the notification sound during calls...
  4. donthate305

    donthate305 New Member

    yea i am..havent been able to dl for last half hour
  5. donthate305

    donthate305 New Member

    how do you get the tweak for text forwarding??! that would really help me out
  6. donthate305

    donthate305 New Member

    they sure havent... there is a hombrew app for it called my notifications.
  7. donthate305

    donthate305 New Member

    just tried it and it sent it regualry.. so i guess thats new..nice discovery
  8. TheVoiceofReason

    TheVoiceofReason New Member

    anyone else being told the app store is unavaliable?
  9. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    was like that for me too. Just turn the phone off and back on, worked for me.
  10. PapaNoHair

    PapaNoHair New Member

    Me also - although it did let me fill in my credit card, etc (early in the evening) but as time went by I did manage to get in - no changes as of a few minutes ago except in the appearance. It is obvious they are getting it ready for paid apps.
  11. dmatic

    dmatic New Member

    it did before but now it works. WOW 97 apps
  12. prerookie

    prerookie New Member

    They didn't change from the week before. The number count changed. Same apps.
  13. JoeERusso

    JoeERusso New Member

    Has anyone noticed that when it displays your account info (credit card info for the App Store)... it shows *### where ### is actually not the last three digits... but the first three digits of the last 4. For example, if my last 4 digits were 1230, it shows *123. Usually I would expect it to show up as *230 (showing the last three). I entered it twice since I thought I might have made a mistake.
  14. MeatBlade

    MeatBlade New Member

    So this morning i woke up to my phone on the touchstone charger telling me i was no longer signed into my palm profile and had to reboot. i did and it told me it still couldn't sign in and i could either reboot or wipe the phone! I tried rebooting, and now the pre acted like i just bought it and made me re-setup the phone. At least they backed up accounts, but what a PITA with no bookmarks saved, icon placement, settings, etc. WTG palm. can't wait to see if it does this to me again tonight.
  15. powerwagon

    powerwagon New Member

    Why is it that after every update, everyone talks about how much "snappier" the OS is? The OS is snappier b/c you rebooted it, not b/c of the update...give it a few days and it will be just a slow as it was before the update (not that it was that slow, but you get the idea). Until I quit seeing pages go blank when scrolling fast, I don't consider the update a speed increase.
  16. JoeERusso

    JoeERusso New Member

    An OS does not "have" to become slower with time. That is mostly a Windows things. OS X, Linux, UNIX, and other operating systems can be up for weeks/months, and in some cases even years without any significant slow down.

    WebOS is a brand new OS. There is no reason why tweaking and optimizing code can't result in better performance. People are saying it is snappier because that is what they are experiencing. A page going blank during fast scrolling is hardly the only determination of the performance of an OS.
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  17. akappalla

    akappalla New Member

    Just completed download and all seems cool. No damn notification led, txt forwarding or visual voicemail- all sprint instinct items but ore is still working fine. One day when the world is perfect, I would like for Sprint to think about what's going well with one device and say 'hey we need to make sure it on another device similiar to this one, so ppl will be happier'. Ahh when the world becomes perfect until then we have an update that for many of us didn't mean a thing.
  18. missy brown

    missy brown New Member

    so we still cant copy a picture from the web with out doing a screen capture if so how???
  19. seraphemz

    seraphemz New Member

    Hold down the Orange button and tap on the pic...
  20. preKY

    preKY New Member

    Missy.. click on the picture while holding the orange button... An image menu shows up.