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Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by preKY, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. mddoane

    mddoane New Member

    I downloaded the update without removing any Homebrew apps and everything is fine.
  2. reagan247

    reagan247 New Member

    Same here... I've not had a problem yet.
  3. Searn

    Searn New Member

    does anyone know how to save an image from the web without doing a screen capture?
  4. MeatBlade

    MeatBlade New Member

    Searn, hold down the orange button and click the picture, you'll get a menu.
  5. seraphemz

    seraphemz New Member

    I dont know if its just me, but I swear that it seems like the battery life is better.
  6. JessPk

    JessPk New Member

    I agree normally if I'm on the phone for 2 hours and heavily texting/web browsing my batts drain crazily now it seems to drain at a moderate pace.
  7. AldoJr

    AldoJr New Member

    Agreed the battery has gotten worse. I can only go two and a half days not three anymore. I hope Palm fixes this problem. Boooooo
  8. MeatBlade

    MeatBlade New Member

    my battery seems much worse as well. i'm usually around 85% by 5pm with light texting and 30 minutes of pandora use (on my daily run), and i'm at 54% right now!!!! I made sure my GPS is still off, what a bummer.
  9. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    Found something interesting after a trip to the Doc.
    The iPod_Control folder has a folder ".gnupod".
  10. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    uh.. I thought it was supposed to backup browser bookmarks?!
  11. thefallen50

    thefallen50 New Member


    Mine did not take 20 mins. Total download, installation, reboot, took about 10-15 mins at the most. More like 10 mins though. Haven't really seen the differences though. Doesn't seem to correct the syncing issues with iTunes??
  12. jeanluly

    jeanluly New Member

    so turning off gps is not an option anymore, or is the auto locate feature now all inculsive to gps and location-based options?
  13. RanGT

    RanGT New Member

    From what I gather, google services is just a way of finding where you are using cell towers and google maps if the app requires google maps. this can be done without GPS.

    so your options are:

    1) GPS on - best for location services and accuracy
    2) GPS off, google services on w/auto locate on - app will find your location w/cell towers or wifi ip address location if wifi on automatically
    3) GPS off, google services on w/auto locate off - app asks for your permission to locate you then does everything #2 option does.
    4) GPS off, google services off (no auto-locate feature bc its obsolete) - apps don't even bother asking or searching for you and you enter in manually your location.
  14. jeanluly

    jeanluly New Member

    there is only an auto locate option and a background collection option now. And if I check autolocate on, only geotag photos is an available option. Which leads me to believe gps is just always on??
  15. RanGT

    RanGT New Member

    on that page, swipe down over the top left corner to bring down the preferences menu...then tap locate me using and u'll see two options. u can use gps only, google services only or both...check mark will show when either is selected or not.
  16. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    I would much rather see video recording than a blinking light.
  17. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    I noticed this too. Did the same thing for me.
  18. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    I actually feel the complete opposite. After the update my phone is using considerably more battery power.
  19. jeanluly

    jeanluly New Member

    no, not in this update
  20. jeanluly

    jeanluly New Member

    i thought so too, and thought it was bc gps was turned on always but it's not.... check the gps settings, i used to just have mine turned off unless an app requested it, but i jsut figured out how to turn it off, it's in the top menu of "location services" whereas before it was on the main location services screen.