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Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by preKY, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. tgarnold1

    tgarnold1 New Member

    Not what I was expecting for the new update.. but I guess I will take what I can get..
  2. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    Did I read that right? If you get a text message during the night, your alarm *will not* play in the morning? Wtf, how is that an improvement?! If that's true, that's a *huge* issue for me!
  3. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    Preky, how did you have 40 homebrews? I keep running into it saying I can't install anymore apps, did you repartition?
  4. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    Haven't updated yet, still reading through the pages, ri220, that is new isn't on the old...

    JessPK, just tried the heart 'n nope its not like that before updating...
  5. JessPk

    JessPk New Member

    Thanks donthate305, monkee82, & reagan I thought it was new, an adorable one too.
  6. JessPk

    JessPk New Member

    oh monkee the alarm thing is not true I have received texts messages throughout the night and my alarm has gone off in the morning. I believe they mean the cowbell sound.
  7. donthate305

    donthate305 New Member

    yea u were def probably the first one in palm pre history to find that out lol... after i was finally able to update my phone i went back to check the text and it was changed to a heart :)
  8. preKY

    preKY New Member

    Prior to the update I had the add launcher pages tweak applied... I never removed the tweak for the update and it retained the launcher pages.
  9. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    ya but even w the launcher tweak for extra pages, I still am limited, or maybe I just need to add another page and then it'll let me?
  10. preKY

    preKY New Member

    I don't think you can add extra pages with 1.2 It took away my ability to add/delete pages. If you try reapplying the add launcher tweak after 1.2 you will have to Doctor your phone because it completely destroys the launcher all together.
  11. RanGT

    RanGT New Member

    I am NOT claiming this as my find, but two diff members at precentral found these tidbits/easter eggs after the 1.2 release, not sure if they were there before or even related to webOS 1.2. I just wanted to share with you folks...

    1) not sure if part of webOS 1.2 or not....but google maps under get offers transit and walking directions.

    2) In the Alarm app on first page, access the preferences and type:

    a. hold orange button and press 4231; this will get rid of alarm notifications
    b. type: sixtyten; this will give minute increments instead of by 5 mins.

    both can be undone with same code.

    again, not my findings, just wanted to share bc it hasn't spilled over here yet.
  12. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    My GPS was always on before, the only piece i had off was allowing background data collection. Hmmm...

    I will add something though. Today, my battery does not seem to be draining as quickly as yesterday. And, while I am at work I usually plug it in to charge, today it is not warming up as much as it was yesterday when charging. Kinda weird.
  13. srlake314

    srlake314 New Member

    Ok, the web browser copy text feature doesnt work as well as I'd hoped. I hit the shift key, tap...however when I try to drag, it just shifts the page as before, It wont yellow highlight only when I tap on a word, but it instead highlights the entire paragraph.
  14. mitchg219

    mitchg219 New Member

    Since I upgraded to 1.2 I cannot change my screen saver.
    Otherwise the changes are great!
    Anyone elso having this problem?
  15. fr4nk1yn

    fr4nk1yn New Member

    I notice the copy thing too. I'massuming I'm doing something "wrong" as the previous copy & paste took some learning.
    The "documentation" says you can tap & drag.
  16. mitchg219

    mitchg219 New Member

    I am able to change the screensaver to the pre loaded pre wallpaper but nt to my own pics as I was able to do before.
    It is generally a simple process:
    Go to screen and lock, tap change wallpaper, which take you to your photos, pick a pic and tap set wallpaper.

    I'm not sure what you are referring to re; copy and pastr or tap and drag, when it comes to changing wallpaper.
  17. npaulseth

    npaulseth New Member

    So you can only bluetooth contacts to a car kit?
  18. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    "If the device receives a notification alert (for example an SMS), a clock alarm would not play unless the notification alert was dismissed."

    I was afraid what it says really is what it does, and low and behold it is! Thank God I have my regular alarm I set as a backup, or else I woulda been late to work! How the hell is that a fix?!?!? Seems to me like that just makes my alarm completely unusable! I always get texts throughout the night, that never wake me, so now I'm spose to dismiss those to make my alarm be able to wake me? Wtf?! Anyone know a way around this bs?