Palm PRE 2?

Discussion in 'Future webOS Devices' started by neogenic, Jul 10, 2009.

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    The keyboard is software and that will be here in few months.

    The screen is good size if you compare the iphone to pre screen it is a vert slight size difference, just the screens nothing else.

    I would like to see 32 or 64 gb size pre

    Touchstone now you are talking, that be awesome but I don't think they can do it cause it is only for charging purposes
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    Another wishlist?
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    You can never have too many wishlists!:028:commando
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    fwarchol New Member long as the fixes keep comin', I'm happy!
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    Umm. This is a discussion of the Palm Pre 2.0. As in the device. Not software or updates to the Web OS. There is an article in the first link that discusses the direction it may go and the likelihood of seeing it sooner than later. The other thread is fixes and wishes to the OS. Different discussion entirely.
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    The article itself speak as a wishlist. The Pre this so the Pre2 should that.
    There's no indication as the article states that there's even a 2 in the works.

    I doubt Palm is working on a Pre 2 already. As I've said before they're more likely working on ramping up production, getting a GSM version released and working on a replacement to the Centro.

    How long did it take to go from the 700Wx to the 755 to the 800?
    The 850, Treo Pro, doesn't count IMO since it's kinda a 800 refresh. Which brings us to they might refresh the Pre before a 2 emerges.
    They'll be a bit of time before a Pre2 gets to be worked on.
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    Whether it is officially deemed the Pre 2.0 or not would depend on marketing strategies. They may do an annual or bi-annual thing ala Apple, or come out with multiple models ala Blackberry...though the market is moving towards apple's model (e.g. G1/G2, Storm 1, Storm 2). The Pre may have adjustments much like a mid-year vehicle in its first year (genesis coupe by hyundai is getting mid-year updates). Difficult to say. The reviews may push them a certain least with build quality.

    I think it is a worthwhile discussion and whether its some minor changes that add up to better sales, especially in new markets (e.g. Europe) where they can not afford to stumble out of the gate or a full-on update...its coming.

    And you've got to be out of your mind if you don't think a company has a 2+ year game plan when they've got technology to design, patent, purchase in lots (through various manufacturers), develop marketing strategies, beta test, software adjustments for that hardware (coding), develop distribution models, benchmark competition, package, sell, and compete.

    The models you've mentioned are the old "model" of business. The smart phone market is radically changing as is demand for very specific markets...globally. 3G is going to 4G by sprint soon. And the Pre will not run 4G without new hardware...

    Lets be open-minded and discuss the evolution of a brand and the hardware you'd like to see for improved functionality and aesthetics.
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    Sprints 4G is already laid out for 2010 and not many markets are getting it. It's still quite a bit off and they'll more than likely NOT R&D a phone for those limited markets. There are WiMax phones made by HTC that could be brought in.

    What is Apples model exactly? They have a phone that has not drastically changed in aesthetics of functionality since it's release. It has had minor uodtaes to storage size and hardware. If Palm follows that model they WON'T release the EOS and we'll have the Pre almost as is for at least the next 3 years.

    But enough devil's advocate, I'l play:
    A side sliding full qwerty keyboard, which I believe the "old" Palm has already ruled out for their devices.
    Can't commint on functionality cause it's quite obvious we don't have full functionality yet.
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    Isn't the Pre the phone that is supposed to "save" Palm from extinction???

    The Pre just came out. How can we already be talking about a new version?

    I'd give it 2 years before we start to see a new version popping up.
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    FM Transmitter

    built in FM transmitter for the vehicle!
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    Companies plan more than 2 years out guys and they release different phones/features in different markets. Relax. Its ok.

    The model that got questioned from Apple is the one explained. It's a persistent name and design that evolves. Versus rebranding, which I explained. The example was the G1 and the G2 or the Storm 1 and the Storm 2. They are now following the Apple Model of updating a popular phone (that are iphone competitors). This is different from past phones that always had a new model name. Curve, Bold, Tour, etc. The demand for the updates is gaining traction not just with software, but with hardware. Apple soudly does 2 years (to go with contracts that are the same lenght of time), but if the Pre or iphone goes to another network they may or may not do that. And if the Pre is introduced in other countries it may not roll with the exact same model. Some British Tech reviewers are slamming the Pre on build quality due to forums like these. They may make adjustments...much like the 1.1 OS update, there may be a Palm Pre 1.1. And yes, guys, really, they've planned on the Pre 2.0 and are working with a physical model right now. I promise. Apple has iphone patents on the front facing camera and face recognition software for the ain't the iphone 3.0. It's the next version...even though the new one's out. They buy millions of cameras, cases, transistor, write booklets, FAQ's, train people, beta test, etc. etc. Cars and other tech don't just drop out of the sky they are worked on for years out guys.

    And its interesting to discuss. Its fun...

    Or so it should be.
  13. neogenic

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    That was heavily talked about on the iphone and I would've really wanted that and the front facing camera. If the iphone 3.0 had both...I would've bought it. To transmit to yours or anyone's home/car stereo easily would be cool. And to have face to face chats via skype or the network would be wonderful.

    I agree with that fully.
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    Is it odd this in the future web os phones forum now? It may be a future phone, but its not an EOS or some other'd be a pre we're discussing. You can argue both ways, but I think it's still relevant in the Pre forum and it'd get more discussion there. When a Pre 2.0 comes out, will it have a separate forum, or even a slightly different international model?

    Ahh, anyway, TGIF. I am off to hit some golf balls.
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    So you have absolute proof that Palm is already working on a replacement to the Pre?

    Build quality shouldn't be a want. It should be a be. I wouldn't put that on any wishlist.
    And they should get slammed on it. Later builds will be better but that doesn't make them a "1.1".

    As far as a G1/G2 Storm/Storm2 these are different phones that share a name not quit an evolution.
    The iPhone/iPhone3g/iPhone3gs ARE evolutions of the SAME phone.
    To follow that model means we should have a Pre X that has more storage space, a faster CPU, more RAM, but it would retain the same form factor and looks.

    Everything else fits in with WebOS.

    Kinda interesting they would even call a phone G2 or Storm2 since I haven't met one person that was happy with their G1 and the Storm was universally slammed.
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    im with skinflaps how can there be a pre2 when it hasnt even been out a month and a half?
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    Personally, I like the way the keyboard is, a landscape keyboard (physical) would be a pain for texting while driving. And the instinct's non landscape (on screen) was just annoying, so if they did that as a backup, I would be hesitant to upgrade.

    And of course if they just add an onscreen, which would be nice to have as an option, with a landscape one, well aren't they just going to update this one with that?

    I think most of the things I'd like to see changed about this version, are all software upgrades, so I personally see no reason to put out a new one...side's maybe adding 16/32/64 options, or SD slots...

    ...just my .02 :cool:
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    Guys. They have 10-20-30 -40 prototypes drawn up. EOS, The XXX (make up a name), the Pre 2.0, 3.0, etc. Whether they get to them or not, whether its financially viable is unknown. But, yes, they have beta phones being tested. Honestly, I have an MBA and have worked with the tech industry...the turn around is not months on these devices. Its many years from start to finish. The EOS rumors and pics have been out how long? Is that phone out? And yet you have open details and pics. For it to get to the point that they had working tested models that have been drawn, patents filed, tested, and have the components to fully test for you to see those pictures and read those specs...


    They've got working PS4's and XBOX 720's too. Really. They just released the PSP GO and they are already showing pics of the next PSP after it.

    The PSP-phone got designed and patented years ago...hasn't made it to market. The front facing camera patent for the iphone was over a year ago. Often they have working models before the patents are filed. Sometime prior to.

    But really guys...yes.

    They might have a Pre 3.0 too, but right now its to far out of the realm of usability and way to costly to make or even purchase. People don't comb through Palm's patents like Apple's. They may have people working on the next web-os.

    People at Microsoft were working on windows 7 prior to Vista's release. People have been working on WinMo 7 prior to 6.1 and 6.5 (a large step) has not been released.
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    Items I would like to see some current items addressed, like allow the alarms to vibrate when in mute mode, this would help when at the movies.

    Also the calendar UI still needs work. When looking at the monthly mode often there are no indications of scheduled events, you can only see them if your in the current day mode.
  20. neogenic

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    That would go in the wishlist for software updates. We're discussing hardware changes.