Palm PRE 2?

Discussion in 'Future webOS Devices' started by neogenic, Jul 10, 2009.

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    Hi Justin,

    Im interested to know where are you getting your info? And is the info that your getting can be creditable? It sounds really good and exciting as to what you are posting about the Palm Pre 2. Will this Palm Pre 2 be available on the Sprint network soon or will we have to wait sometime in 2010 or 2011?
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    I would tell you but I can't sorry. Palm might block the ports so.

    Anyways webOS 1.5 (nope not 1.2) is going to overclock the Palm Pre to the stock clock (which is I'm guessing 600MHz and for now downclocked to 500MHz)

    Pretty much well I'll post any info that comes up and well I'm not lying here you can say whatever you want

    Also just want to say this is all leaked info so basically if all this doesn't become true I'm really sorry

    Meanwhile I heard that the next iPhone will feature a dual core processor
    Palm has heard to but mostly they might decide on going for a solo core processor with Dual Threading technology

    It saves power plus the processor they are implementing on it is faster (well clock speed wise) since it will be clocked at 1.9GHz

    Also Dual Threading will boost the performance by a bit...

    Also as Palm puts it dual core processors won't really be needed ona phone and will increase manufacturing costs especially when the Palm Uon is suppose to get HD video viewing (well on it's 720p touchscreen which is really 1025x768)

    Also they say the the ARM processors don't suppose advanced features like HD video, advanced 3D Gaming, and alot of other features

    Plus the Palm Uon is getting a dedicated video card like I said earlier
    So basically a better video card plus a fast solo processor is way faster than a faster dual core processor and a built-in video card
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    About the dual core fir apple i knew that from before, thats old news, the guy who lost the iPhone in china was holding a iPhone with dual core cpu, I also read that Palm might go dual or quad core, but those are just rumors.
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    Well I like the idea of dual core CPUs on phones but somewhat it also sounds a bit dumb

    I have a iPhone 3GS and its running at 600MHz solo core processor and it's already faster than enough (I even found the iPhone 3G already enough I don't really see why they had to add the 3G S but still a nice addition)
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    Hey what's up Justinxtreme,

    Is the Palm Uon, the Palm Pre 2? And when do you expect the Palm Uon to come out? Will it be on Sprint sometime next year?
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    Um I don't really know when they are going to release it but they are aiming for a 2010 release

    I don't really know what network it will be on... But most likely T-Mobile or Sprint
    Cause the Palm Uon is going to be a dual GSM/CDMA phone and well I'm not sure what network but I prefer Sprint over Verizon Wireless when it comes to CDMA networks and T-Mobile over AT&T when it comes to GSM networks

    The Palm Uon is like a iPhone 3G.... well basically a expansion
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    Just like I said... (Well maybe in this post or the other one)

    Verizon Wireless may not be getting the Palm Pre because they want to downgrade it (official reports never really mentioned it but this is what VZ wanted to do) so the manufacture cost would be lesser, replace a few things like the App store the Pre has with VCast services. Replace the Media Player with their premade media player (from the LG Voyager), replace the signal bars with their crappy ones, and limit customization and also use a slower processor (no not downclock, use a slower processor the one that either the iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G had)

    Meanwhile we can wait for the Palm Uon....
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    I started this thread and people bashed it left and right. Funny, I read a month ago about a pre sku that is forthcoming by year end that will in fact have some changes...including more storage. Whether this was planned for Verizon, sprint, or who...who knows. We'll see. But I have to laugh when people think this, off all markets, is stagnant in planning. Apple is already several generations ahead in planning, much like Ford, or whoever. You can not survive in technology otherwise.
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    Hey neogenic
    Sorry.... for like basing your thread lolz

    Anyways um, Palm expects that by the end of 2009 they'll have around five to ten thousand apps in the App Catalog and by the time it turns one year old (the App Store just turned one year old) it might par up with the App Store app quantity from this year though with more quality apps.... but that's what they think
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    I realize you were comparing next year's Pre app store with this year's Apple app store, but Apple's app store will be still be growing and developing, can we safely assume?
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    There is a twist to this as well. Verizon may be carrying an updated version of the Pre: one that has more memory (or a micro-sd slot), has a slightly bigger screen, and one that fixes the screen bleed problem.

    this is from today on the They stated the verizon turning the pre down was a farce from and several big sites, like gizmodo ran with it. They are getting it and it will be...better. As I stated in the first post. An updated pre in only six months. People scoffed and way. 6 months. This sounds more like a pre 1.5, but they're fixing some key things...and when verizon gets it, I guarantee the os will have video recording, voice dialing, visual voicemail, etc as well. Sprint was thankful to palm. Palm will be thankful to verizon. Verizon can single handedly dig them out.
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    Wow Justin, I haven't read so much bs since I picked up a National Enquirer from Food Lion. Seriously, you sound like you are probably pre-13 or so. I'm surprised anyone on here is taking what you are saying as fact, or even rumor for that matter. I suppose that's how rumors get started, but do you need attention that bad?
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    I have to agree. Justin you seem a little far fetched with too much information. If all this was true, Palm would have certainly intervened and had your posts removed. I am still waiting like everyone else for the pics you have promised as well.
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    powerwagon, thanks for acknowledgment. You getting a "thank you" for that.

    Don't worry, Justin just paused while 1.2.1 is out of the way. I expect Just starting his bull-$hit anytime now.... :)
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    like I said not credible information...
    I can't post pics yet as I don't have any yet (I myself cannot confirm Uon is real)

    Wouldn't a "bigger screen" result in a Pre 2 or somethin' cause I don't really think Palm wants to get users confused with the which Pre is which just sayin' like the iPod nano 5th and 4th generation

    Last time I read I read that Verizon isn't getting it
    But a bigger screen, a Pre with a microSD slot (would be awesome) would be kinda unlikely

    Palm is aiming more for the money and customer satisfaction

    If someone bought a Pre today and if what you says happens then they would kinda regret buying a Pre (well not really but you know what I mean)

    and microSD slot. Palm is already losing money on the Pre to them and just like Apple not adding a microSD slot will attract buyers to buy the whole phone if they want to upgrade to more memory

    You could say I'm bullsh*tting....I'd say I'm bullsh*tting I haven't posted any proof yet (plus can't post any sources at all until I get the pics)

    So for now I'll just stop posting anything about the Uon until I see proof myself

    Why would Verizon be carrying the Pre anyways? From what I heard I think all phone manufacturers have to sign a contract that allows Verizon to change some things on the phone including disabling the GPS, replacing any app stores with their VCAST Store, installing all VCAST services including replacing anything conflicting with it (like Amazon Music Store and the music app will most likely have a redesign), disabling of some Bluetooth features (mostly because Verizon doesn't want users to sync apps one from another), and a few other things

    Find a phone from Verizon Wireless that is available in other networks and compare them
    Find a good phone

    Also one question
    Does anyone find LG and Samsung phones crappy somewhat?
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    For now just forget about the Palm Uon cause no proof yet (I mean at all)

    All I know is it's suppose to be a mix of Zune HD, Palm Pre, and a bit of I think HTC Touch PRO design not sure but yeah
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    Really? You forgot to add Maserati in a mix. You must be losing your touch? You should seek help on that one
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  19. justinxtreme

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    I'm not going to complain or explain anything if you don't believe me that's fine with me time will tell

    I'm just gonna keep posting anything I find out about it
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    I saw microsoft working on something like this