Palm PRE 2?

Discussion in 'Future webOS Devices' started by neogenic, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Shaun0207

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    I would like to see the Pre become a dual slider, but only if it doesnt increase the thickness. Memory card slot is a must. Screens Res to 600x480
  2. Coggy

    Coggy New Member

    Micro memory card slot required, this would allow for Proper GPS software to be added. Google Maps doesn't work accurately in Ireland for some reason. Plus i'd prefer a spoken set of directions from the Sat-Nav software.
    Why hasn't the Palm Pre got a video function in the camera??
    Why isn't there a re-occurring birthday / anniversary function in the calander?
  3. Shaun0207

    Shaun0207 New Member

    100% agree on all of these
  4. justinxtreme

    justinxtreme New Member

    I'm not going start anything.... just wanted to put one last information

    I THINK I found out what the screen technology is made of or whatever...IDK

    Remember I said that the screen will be able to emulate objects or otherwise create buttons?
    Well um it's something about the screen being able gather air or something like that (Water Vapor IDK) and convert that into water (I'm guessing through heat) (Of course the screen will be water resistant) and that water will be used to emulate the object.... IDK seems wierd

    Also we may not see it on CES 2010.... seems like around Mid 2010 from how far they have gotten..... yeah seems like a Mid 2010 announce

    It's like you know those keys on the Palm Centro they're all jellowy and all? well they might be developing the screen like that.... IDK what I'm saying but something like that and the water goes into it and it can emulate an object....

    Mmmm.... I wonder how the water gets out????

    That type of technology seems like Palm is making a screen that can suck air? then convert it into water and use it as a part of the screen to emulate an object???? IDK it seems really wierd. But anyways just a design plan they're working on maybe they see that the market is reaching up to multi-touch and they need something new I guess
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  5. neogenic

    neogenic New Member

    sounds like "cloud technology"... :)
  6. Thunderwang

    Thunderwang New Member

    I think you've been sucking air, Justin...
  7. HechoEnCalifas

    HechoEnCalifas New Member

    ahahahahaha....that made me laugh Thunderwang.

    Justin: really? I mean, really? Have you skipped your meds and watched too much of the Sci-fi channel? An air sucking screen? Hmm...NOT!
  8. justinxtreme

    justinxtreme New Member

    ....that description is weird I know. But it looks really NICE and typing it makes me feel psycho is it possible to delete posts cause I don't have much information on it and I read what I posted myself and um.. yeah so...

    I don't care what you guys say but to me it sounds like a great idea for Palm to do that... create something original.

    Codename Palm FreeFlow Screen

  9. Thunderwang

    Thunderwang New Member

    You never seem to have much information on anything, Justin, just rampant speculation. How old are you, anyway?

    If you're trying to produce responsible journalism, this ain't it.
  10. aveksler

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    If you find a way to delete your posts, go ahead and delete all 15 pages of this verbal diarrhea that you've produced.

    But then again, I am enjoying the hell out of it. Every forum has to have a clown
  11. prelover23

    prelover23 New Member

    so does this mean that since there is handwriting recognition software that i can use a stylus???? cuz that would be a lot of help since theyre doing away with the physical keyboard
  12. prelover23

    prelover23 New Member

    oh and since its gonna be able to support video calling does that mean its gonna have a camera on the front? or both? cuz the latter would be the best and you could just switch between which one u want to use. also im not really all that tech-savy so with flash player finally running in the browser does that mean that i can watch like hulu on my phone (im not even sure if hulu is flash video)
  13. Honis

    Honis New Member

    You probably wont get to use a stylus on a palm pre unless they change the way they capture your touch or buy a special stylus. Currently they use capacitive touchscreen which requires a conductive manipulation. Generally stylus are plastic and nonconductive (this is why you can't use your finger nails). I'm not going to check, but I'm sure there is a capacative stylus that would work.

    Nothing on the Palm Pre 2 is nailed down. Even the very existence of the device is unknown so your camera question will be unanswered.

    Flash player is coming to webOS sometime next quarter (q1 2010 was the last I heard). It is up to Hulu to allow support for the device. Actually allowing webOS to run Hulu videos is up to Sprint (SprintTV), Hulu, and the Studios. Something tells me there is a license or contract issue somewhere (ie someone will want to milk it for more $). The general abilities of WebOS Flash will remain unknown until they release a beta (last I heard it had a December release).

    As a side note, please do not double post. If you are the last person to post in a thread, use the Edit option and add it to the end of the previous post. Add a [edit] to seperate new material from old material. Double posting is generally ok if your last reply is several days old (not minutes).

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  14. caringman42

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    You all have got to be kidding!!!!

    :dft007:angryCOME ON!! They need to improve the hardware issues, cracked screens, oreo effects, overall cheap feelings.

    Not to mention bo voice dailing some of the lest expensive phone have this and we are into a year and the pre does not!!!!

    PALM as a company needs to build on the great WEB OS but come on quality in the hardware is what gets this phone out the door!!

  15. Thunderwang

    Thunderwang New Member

    Agreed. The best UI in the world isn't worth beans if it's accompanied by crappy hardware.

    Also, To Honis, a lot a people respond in a thread with more than one post. It's not a rule, but more of a courtesy. I usually do not use the MultiQuote function.
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  16. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    This would be a nice upgrade for the pre 2, snapdragon with single or dual cpu, 964-1024 ram, 32-64 gig hard drive, slightly bigget screen and keyboard, or just remove the black area around the pre screen then it be bigger. and maybe include sd card but not needed.
    have nvidia or ati build a graphic chip that runs alone and does not use any cpu, now this can be very powerful build. any thoughts about this?
  17. Honis

    Honis New Member

    Just a minor bit of info for you Joek,
    In a normal process everything flows through a cpu. Where the savings of a gpu comes from is taking the number crunching off the cpu. The cpu still needs to pass the info from the ram to the gpu but this takes a fraction of the time it would take to calculate the info and output it to the screen. So, every gpu needs a little cpu time.

    A duelcore processor would be amazing with WebOS. Have the os dedicated to managing the os and carded apps while the second core manages a single app. I'm salivating at the thought.
  18. Honis

    Honis New Member

    no edit button in the mobile version of the forums?

    I meant to say: Have the first core dedicated...
  19. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    I know about the cpu passing to gpu, but if you have stand alone gpu you get faster results, this the cpu works without bothering with the gpu. But thanks for the info
  20. joek71

    joek71 New Member

    The Pre 2 should def have snap dragon cpu it is a must and they should move the black space on the screen back so the screen be bigger, 512 -768 memory and they should make 32gig and 64 gig so we can have some more choices. HTC is going with snap dragon so are other companies, palm should pick up on this also.