Palm PRE 2?

Discussion in 'Future webOS Devices' started by neogenic, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Frank Bouknight

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    Just spoke with Sprint supervisor about deficiencies of the original PRE and the slowness of getting updates, slowness of the PRE operation and the rest of the list. He finally told me about the Sprint Buyback Program, currently offering $105 for usable Pre, And that Sprint would have out Pre TWO in less than 3months, and it would include all the features of PRE PLUS and maybe more. So, now I have a tough decision...
  2. aveksler

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    Just so you know Sprint buy-back program is not only on Pre. It is available to any phone, as long as you have owned it for 14 (I think it's 14) months and ready to sign up for another 2 year commitment.
  3. JOE_SMO

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    The Palm Future?

    in the next couple years i want to see the new pre with a 5000 Terabyte hard drive, four 800.90 GHz processors, and it has to cook food and float in mid air. :dft002:eys_open
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    Palm Pre Plus....

    Like said everything is going according to plan except for the Uon (which may not exist)

    I was wrong with the Palm Uon it has a dated 2011 release now.... but you guys won't believe me anyways.