Palm Pre not being released May 17th?

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by Caduceus, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Caduceus

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    According to Natali Del Comte has chimed in during the latest episode of Buzz-out-loud (Jump to 29:25) rumored Palm Pre release date of May 17th has slipped.

    This is ridiculous. I don't care where the hold up is. Palm if this is a Sprint problem you need to release an unlocked GSM version available for purchase on your website right now. For god sakes at least start taking pre-orders. If the problem is on your end you need to start actually living up to your own hype about how you are a new company and start acting like one. Just release the freaking phone and send us updates over the air as you get your bugs fixed... At this point the phone should be stable enough for release.
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    Ok, I listened to it.. and I agree with you. This is getting very very ridiculous. It's unfortunate that Palm has chosen to go this secrecy route with the Pre. Whatever the issue is, they should really issue some kind of statement instead of keeping people in the dark. Show your potential customers that you care and say SOMETHING.
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    I agree it is frustrating but this is make or break moment for Palm and they want a problem-free release this is my opinion
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    I agree, I'm sure they want a problem-free release. Unfortunately, public perception of the secrecy and delays isn't typically viewed that way. The more people who see these ads Sprint has been putting out and try to buy the phone only to be told "we don't know when it'll be available or how much it'll cost, sorry!", the worse things are gonna get for Palm. Especially when the competition has been dropping dates like Rosie O'Donnell drops Big Macs down her gullet. And I'm not even talking about iPhone.. there are big feature phones dropping too.. Samsung's new one.. new Sidekick (big with the teens).. new Blackberry.. Touch Diamond2.. and Palm's pretty much writing these other companies checks by dicking us all around.

    The people on this forum constitute a minority in the cell phone market.. we want this thing and we're going to wait for it come hell or high water. The general populace is NOT the same.. sure they see the ad and think it looks cool.. when they try to buy it, they're given a big SORRY and nothing to look forward to.. how long do you think the average Joe is going to sit around with new-phone-fever? Not bloody long. I know two people in my circle of friends who were gung ho for the Pre a month ago.. one just bought a black G1 (and is happy as a clam with it) and the other bought an LG Versa. They both wanted something new, and with no concrete date to look forward to, the Pre just seemed like vaporware to them.. and that is a crying shame.
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    Also, the closer they get to 6/8, the more competition they'll have with iPhone v3. I'm sure the Pre will be great and all, but the iPhone is on it's 3rd release (i.e. proven technology)!

    If palm/sprint could get this thing released by mid-May, they could sell a lot of units. But if they don't release until June, who is going to go buy one when you can wait a week and see what Apple is going to come out with? If they don't release until 6/30, they get to compete alongside android 1.5, too.

    Seems like Palm is blowing this one.
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    yep, I agree.
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    So Sad

    I couldn't agree more...
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    Oh good gravy. I just had the horrible notion that "Spralm" doesn't actually know when the Pre will be released...what if they're waiting for the 1,000th response in the bingo contest?? Eesh, better go rustle up some clamshell hobos and get 'em to pick a date....
  12. Caduceus

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    At this point I honestly believe they don't have a clue when they are going to launch this phone. I still think they will release it before the second have but that they have no clue when or what kinds of bugs or problems they are going to have when they do...
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    I'm hoping for the 17th! I wouldn't be surprised if it was that date since I have terrible luck and will be out of town that weekend (at a lake)! I have to scout out the nearest Sprint store just in case! :)

    My contract is up with Sprint in July, so a later release date would probably help me, but I'm still impatient! I want my shiny, new Pre now! :D
  15. photomatic

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    I don't envy the position that Palm has put themselves in. They announced a remarkable product without a firm release date. They don't dare release a phone that's going to be full of glitches, the company can't take that kind of hit. If the most prevalent rumors are true, ie mass production started and May 17, then why don't they just say it?
  16. .plaid

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    To be sure, a 24-month contract is eligible for all discounts at month #22, so if July = 24 months then you might be good. Well, as good as anyone else anyway.

  17. Issu

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    I've decided I'm getting a smart phone on May 17th regardless. Pre or no Pre, I'm getting something.

    Anything is better than the LG Rumor...
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    I kind of agree with what they're saying. If the Pre DOES launch in May, then it runs the risk of being "old news" and being stomped over by the floods of iPhone news a month later. At least if they release it around the same time as the iPhone 3, then it will be fresh news along with the iPhone. There will be a one-on-one battle and the Pre will come out on top :cool:
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    Well for me I would rather Palm work out all the glitches now then release the Pre right away. I'm just as impatient as the average person but there is nothing we can do but wait it out and keep our eyes and ears open for anything new that is going to be on the Pre.
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    Yeah my contract with AT&T is up soon.. so hopefully the Pre will be available soon!!