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Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by betg1492, May 2, 2010.

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    hello there well im a little bit angry i just bought my palm pre plus yesterday and i was conditioning the battery letting it die charging it i do this about 3 times with all of my new phones anyways my pre died today and so i put it on the touchstone charger it just brought up the pre logo flashing and after 10 min i got worried so i looked on the forums and i did the webosdocter 3 times now did the hard reset with the battery and yet it still comes up to the logo and flashes ive heard its near impossible to brick a Linux device well i think i did and the funny thing is i have yet to try to add anything on it

    please help i would love to not pay for another pre thanks in advance
  2. betg1492

    betg1492 New Member

    well i fixed it i did the webos doctor and then i didnt let it restart i pulled the batt and then it came up in 1 or 2 min thanks everyone sorry about spazzing like that