Palm Pre Release Date Bingo Contest

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by cmeinck, Mar 30, 2009.

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  1. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    Just one of 5 ways you can win one of 10 Palm Pre smartphones.* To enter, simply post what you think will be the release date of the Palm Pre. Only one entry per member, IP address (yes, we check). When the Palm Pre is officially announced, we'll randomly draw (2) lucky winners from those who have the date corrrect.

    RULES UPDATE: Should the Palm Pre release date be announced on or before April 3rd, we'll choose (1) winner for Palm Pre Release Date Bingo and push the other (1) to the Forum Giveaway making for a total of (3) winners in the Forum Giveaway. This will give everyone sufficient time to enter. If they do announce the release date before April 3rd, that will still provide early entries with better odds.

    Release date is defined as available to general public.

    Employees of Palm or Sprint are not eligible.

    When Palm and/or Sprint announces the release date. ie. when it becomes public, posts thereafter will not count. Posts that are edited will be eliminated. This will prevent those who come across the information and might try to slide under the wire before I lock the thread. I pretty much online 24/7, outside of sleep and the Precor. It helps me get in shape and doesn't allow me to get even a few pre-free minutes.

    Once you make your entry, you cannot change it, so pick carefully! Do not make more than one post.

    Looking for other ways to win? Check out
    Everything Pre Ultimate Palm Pre Giveaway, Win One of 10 Palm Pre Smartphones!*

    *Please see Ultimate Palm Pre Giveaway for complete contest rules and regulations. Winner(s) will receive an Amex, Best Buy or Visa Gift Card valued at the lowest price point of the Pre offered by Sprint with a 2-year agreement and rebates. EverythingPre is not responsible for securing rebates and/or wireless service.
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  2. turbofans

    turbofans New Member

    Sunday, June 14th, 2009. My birthday.:cool:
  3. waldoppper

    waldoppper New Member

    May 2nd, 2009.

    big money no whammies..
  4. RoyFripple

    RoyFripple New Member

    Alright, I'm gonna do it. I'm placing my faith in the completely unsubstantiated rumors of a supposed Pre beta tester:

    April 30th

    P.S. What happens if no one gets the date right? I ask out of sincere concern that those Pres would not find a home. :biggrin:
  5. cmeinck

    cmeinck Administrator

    I find that highly unlikely. In the event no one gets it, then you all get entered into the random drawing.:wink: Note: I updated the rules to reflect this should it happen
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  6. Feznando

    Feznando New Member

    I am Going to say May 15th.... just because.
  7. themirthfulswami

    themirthfulswami New Member

    Ohhh I'm so torn between being optimistic and realistic... grrrrr...

    I'll say May 26th... about a month after the supposed "line in the sand" date and shortly before the iPhone 3.0 release.

    As much as I'd like to win a Pre, I still hope I'm overshooting LOL
  8. nlowhor

    nlowhor New Member

    I'm going with May 10, 2009 for the official in-store release although there is sometimes a soft release a few days before that. Which date are we supposed to be guessing? The first date anyone can possibly get their hands on one by calling or the first official in-store date?
  9. miguelchin36

    miguelchin36 New Member

    relying on a rumor does not mean im correct but hell someone must know more then me

    April 30, 2009

    good luck to me!!!
  10. softspirits

    softspirits New Member

    Ok, My Final Anwer is: MAY 10 Because its MOTHER'S DAY and I think that would be pretty cool.
    I originally thought 4/15 but have since decided that if it were that close, we would know something by now.
    Chris-- this is the most AWESOMEST GAME EVER!!!!!!! You so totally Rock!!!!
  11. drbyers

    drbyers New Member

    May 31st, simply because my birthday is right around then and it would be great birthday present if I won. lol.
  12. MajorHavoc

    MajorHavoc New Member

    I'm going with June 6, 2009! ...I hope it's much sooner!

    Is this contest for the release to the general public? Or, first release? Premier members may get an early shot at Pre!
  13. drbyers

    drbyers New Member

    I'm a Premier member, but I don't have any faith that Sprint will let me know the phone is available ahead of time. Sprint has yet to tell me that OS 4.5 is ready for my Blackberry. It's only been out for more than a month now. lol.
  14. qkrwldn90

    qkrwldn90 New Member

    April 30th, 2009!
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  15. realtorjq

    realtorjq New Member

    April 30, 2009

    (no later...pleeease)
  16. bridic

    bridic New Member

    I am going to go with May 24th.
  17. joachimv

    joachimv New Member

    I'm guessing:

    Sunday, June 7, 2009

    Early in June so they beat the end of the quarter but late enough to put the final software touches through proper testing. We'll see...
  18. connnie

    connnie New Member

    I am going to say May 1st.
  19. bullet317

    bullet317 New Member

    I'm gonna say that May 24th sounds like a good day.
  20. tonarmshq474

    tonarmshq474 New Member

    Hi. I think that the pre is not going to be released until begin of may. The reason is that Palm I think would have announced the date yet if it would be that soon. The situation on the market is very hard for mobile phone manufacturers and Palm needs to bring the Pre soon to survive. So I think they donĀ“t know themselves when they get it to sell.
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