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    Palmbook is a free facebook client, that allows you to view your news feed and your friends facebook account. You can create posts, likes and comments on facbook userwalls. View the photoalbums of your friends in the native imageviewer with a transparent image caption overlay. From WebOs V1.2 onwards image upload via file or camerashoot is supported. Just shoot images and wait untill they will get commented by your friends. The userinterface is keept simple and is 100% comform to the official Application Checklist from Palm (including transitions)
    Get facebook on palm connected now and enjoy !

    Login through facebook connect
    Personal Status updates
    Display all friends
    Display your news feed
    View status und details from a friend
    Display the wall from friends
    Create new Message on a wall
    Remove created message from a wall
    Create like on a wall entry
    Create comment on a wall
    Show all comments from a post
    Intelligent caching to optimize application performance and data traffic
    Open videos and images from a users wall (mp4 videos not supported by palm yet)
    Open the homepage from a friend
    Display photo albums from a friend
    Display photos from a album in imageviewer with caption overlay
    Upload a photo by file selection
    Upload a photo by camera shoot
    Set Caption to an uploaded image
    Versioning: palmbook_1.0.4

    no more "is" prefix at status updates
    Displaying date at comments
    Preview image to upload
    Edit caption for image to upload

    fixed create comment bug

    fixed connect bug

    Added "Load All Comments" feature
    Date and Timeformats are now location based

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    all of sudden I really miss homebrew :(