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Discussion in 'Treo 755p' started by birddog, May 31, 2007.

  1. birddog

    birddog New Member

    Has Palm fixed the phone volume problem that was such a problem on the treo 650?

    On my 650, my biggest gripe was that the volume of the phone was too low.
    I purchased VolumeCare which corrected the problem, but I have found that VolumeCare has slowly ruined the clarity of the speaker in the phone. Now, it is loud enough, but the sound quality is so poor I cannot understand the speaker. (Not a huge problem, most of the time I am using the bluetooth carkit).

    But anyway, has Palm fixed the volume problem with the treo 650 in the newer models?
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  2. jfa

    jfa New Member

    I have a 750 and the volume on the speaker is fine as long as you dont inadvertently push the down volume button the side. That can make the ringer volume and speaker volume go very low and cause hearing difficulties.
  3. coffeeman

    coffeeman New Member

    The volume on my 755 is 100% louder than on my 650. Voice quality is also much improved, headset & speakerphone.
  4. birddog

    birddog New Member

    Man I miss these old treos. I use a blackberry today, but it is not the same. Will probably be moving to an Samsung GIII soon.
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