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Discussion in 'Palm webOS' started by kellyrford, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. kellyrford

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    I've read that the Pre will pull in Yahoo mail but when describing the Synergy feature for contacts Yahoo is never mentioned, just Outlook, Google and Facebook.

    Can anyone confirm that Yahoo contacts will indeed be accessible?
  2. monkeyxplosion

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    I'm just guessing here, but I believe since your email is accessed, your email contacts list is also accessed.
  3. .plaid

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    Heads up, sarcasm incoming

    Heck yes it will. It's Universal Search not Googleversal Search or Facebookersal Search. /sarcasm

    I suspect that when you first set up the phone you enter a slew of online account information; the OS then accesses all of those sites that store your data and make them available on the phone. I suspect this might even apply to the everythingpre Social bits....

  4. akiliking

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    I've had the same question, even about yahoo mail. I'm hearing a lot about synergy and it is awesome, but i haven't heard anything about yahoo inclusion. [​IMG]
  5. chihawk

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    Count me in as well. I agree, whenever email integration or synergy in general is discussed, gmail and exchange is always mentioned, but not yahoo.
  6. Dwin

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    GMail and its contacts are much better than Yahoo IMO. Just a thought.
  7. preconnected

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    No Yahoo IM (YIM) and Yahoo Contacts

    If I can add Yahoo contacts and use YIM natively inside the Pre, then I haven't found it yet. I hope there is a plug-in that will allow synergy to grab my Yahoo contacts. Please???

    I have been able to get my Yahoo email natively in the email app on the Pre. Very easy to set this up.

    I would love to get my Yahoo Contacts and have Yahoo IM available on the Pre soon!! :)
  8. biggreenthunder

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    I used yahoo for years and it synced with all my phones. Couldn't do that with the pre so I had to set up a gmail acct, import yahoo into that, & then sync my gmail contacts. Worked for the most part except I now no longer have new contacts syncing with yahoo. Also, certain data like birthdays and anniversaries and spouses didn't transfer from yahoo to google.
  9. orangeneptune

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    I hope Palm will negotiate with more providers so that Synergy will include more of what people actually use and would like to see integrated.

    I'd like to see Synergy integration for mail, contacts, instant messaging, and calendars for Hotmail/Live and Yahoo.
  10. joe-k

    joe-k New Member

    Palm Pre Syncing with Yahoo


    I am a newbie Palm Pre owner and an old-time Yahoo member. When I purchased the phone they set it up to draw my contacts from Yahoo.

    So, to answer some of the questions of the previous posts... Yes, you can link your Yahoo contacts to Palm Pre contacts through Synergy. Here is my understanding of how it works.

    1) Pull up Contacts

    2) Click on upper left corner, where there is a pull-down list entitled, "Contacts"

    3) Select Preferences and Accounts

    4) Add an Account and then follow the instructions from there.

    This will add Yahoo to your list of contacts accounts that are "synchronized" in Palm Pre. Once the account is added, you can go back into Preferences and Accounts, then click on Yahoo!, sign in and sync your contacts.

    From my two days' experience with the Palm Pre, this is not a real sync. It pulls in your Yahoo contacts and pairs each contact with your Palm Pre contacts, if you have any. If there is no Palm Pre contact match because for example you haven't added John Doe to your Palm Pre, then you will just see the Yahoo! contact for John Doe and a Palm record is created and paired or linked to the Yahoo record. The Yahoo information is not editable from Pre. However, you can add the phone number and other information to the Pre portion of the linked pair.

    I mentioned that it is not a real sync, because you cannot edit your Yahoo contacts from the Pre and the contact information you entered from the Pre is not sent to Yahoo. Also if you create a new contact on Pre, say Jane Doe, then her contact data will not appear in Yahoo. In short, when you add information from the Pre, that remains part of the Pre record, but is never sent to Yahoo.

    This can be awkward, because for example, I notice one of my contact names was spelled wrong. Because this came from Yahoo, I could not edit it from the Pre. I can edit it from a browser pointed to Yahoo mail contacts and after synergy resyncs, presumably this edit will show up on the Pre.

    It is probable that this Read Only awkwardness is true for the other services, such as Outlook and Google, but since I don't use these, I don't know that for a fact.

    It seems obvious to me why Palm made this awkward compromise. It assures the integrity of your data by avoiding conflicts arising from multiple data editing entry points to information. Suppose someone simultaneously edits the same contact from both the Palm and a browser logged into Yahoo? That could lead to problems matching and syncing data across corporate lines and database servers. Also, sometimes the Pre has to wait to send the data for syncing, for example when you are in "Airplane Mode." Theoretically, this type of multi-entry point, multiple time period, transactional record processing could be accomplished, but it would be quite complex, especially across separate database management systems for each corporation (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Palm), not to mention the fact that Outlook does not reside on Microsoft servers, but either on your computer or your organization's server and there are multiple versions of Outlook Exchange to contend with.

    One thing that is sorely missing is the ability to edit your Palm Pre contacts from a computer like you could with older Palm Hot Sync tools such as the Palm Desktop. According to Palm Customer support, you can purchase third party software from Chapura to work with Palm Desktop, but since Palm Desktop is only meant for the Palm OS, not the linux based WebOS and since it appears that the Palm OS is being phased out and no new phones will be built for it, then it is doubtful that Palm Desktop will be maintained for long.

    I am pretty sure this is how the Palm Pre Contacts Synergy works at least for Yahoo. Feel free to correct me. I could be wrong ... it has happened to me once or twice. (-:

    It would be great if someone could develop an App, whereby you could connect your Palm to your computer, either through USB or through WiFi to your LAN, and then use your computer to access at least the Palm Pre portion of your contacts. That way, you would have a full screen and keyboard to edit your contacts from and even use the data for other applications. For example, you could do an Open Office mail merge off the contact data stored in your Pre. This still would not solve the problem of syncing data between Palm Pre entered contact information with Yahoo (Google, Outlook) entered data. I wonder if the portion of the App residing on the computer could then independently edit the Yahoo (Google, Outlook) data. Lastly, such an App could allow you to download data to have a real backup, not just one in the cloud. Yahoo allows you to download and upload contacts. It would be nice to be able to do this with your Palm Pre entered contact data.