Pre: Unique Bluetooth version update for users?

Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by Palm_BMW, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Anyone have ideas on how to uniquely update the version of bluetooth on the Palm Pre?

    My phone will not sync 100% to an '05 BMW 330 (factory bluetooth); dials out using speaker phone rather than the car's audio system The dealership was able to sync an IPhone 100%.

    Pre's version: 00:1D:FE:3A:DD:05
    IPhone version: 00:1D:FE:A4:60:DD:05

    One would think PALM would allow users to uniquely download Bluetooth versions that work for the person purchasing the phone. I wasn't able to get anywhere with Sprint or PALM Customer service. Broad based application of bluetooth through a webOS update is too generic.
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    It may be possible since the phone is running Linux.
    I'd ask this at Those guys are pretty hardcore about hacking the Pre.

    The bluetooth on the Pre works better than any phone I've previously had.

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    According to this list Pre BT is working with BMW 2009 cars