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  1. Maclamond

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    So I must say, I recently added Preware to my Pre and my love for the phone has grown 10 fold. I cant believe I was missing out on so much. Then I realized that I never read anyone's post about how to do all these things. So its my goal to help people still in the dark like myself....(if I can)

    Please feel free to correct me or add anything that may help people like myself enjoy the Pre.

    First off install WebOs Quick Install:

    Click on JAR FILE IN POST - (reading that post is a good idea also, it requires u to DL a few other things u might need. And it does work with Webos 1.2)


    1. Put your Pre into develop mode by typing on the keyboard "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" (sucks I know but there's an app to launch this:dft009:happy )
    2. Slide develop mode to yes, restart Pre. Connect to PC and select "just charge"
    3.After that Launch WebOS Quick Install. Click on the button that looks like a
    HARD DRIVE WITH A GREEN ARROW. Then use the drop down menu to select WEBOS INTERNALS FEED (ALL).

    Now you want to download one file, install it, then download a second file, and install that. It's important do you do it in that order, so:

    1. Select "Package Manager Service"
    2. Click download, then close
    3. Click "Install" on the Main WebOS Quick Install Page
    4. Click the feeds button again (green arrow button)
    5. Go back to the WebOS Internals (all) feed
    6. Select "Preware"
    7. Click download, then close
    8. Click "Install" on the Main WebOS Quick Install Page
    Although not needed, I would restart phone.

    VIEWING PATCHES: Before you do this next part, only one patch is available: Onscreen K-board. Doing this next part will allow you to see all the patches.

    1. Now Launch PREWARE. (on your Pre now)
    2. Go to Available Apps
    3. Click "all"
    4. Start typing "
    autopatch-feed". Once you see it, install it. (click ok when warning comes up, Its safe :dft009:happy )
    5. Restart phone

    Now open Preware again, and go nuts :)

    This is my first time doing something like this. I hope it helps! Also I take no credit for any of this. Thanks go out to a lot of people at precentral, and everything pre!

    Once again, hope i relayed it correctly and hope you enjoy.

  2. TemporalBeef

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    what does it do exactly?
  3. monkee82

    monkee82 New Member

    thanks! (how about a way to "thank" from the mobile version, Chris! :cool: )
  4. Maclamond

    Maclamond New Member

    It allows you to make custom changes to your Pre. This is just some of the things I did.

    1. Added custom text tone for individuals
    2. added a page to my launcher (4 total now)
    3. Changed the size layout for my launcher icons. It displays 4x4 now instead of 3x4
    4. LED blicks when I have a notification :))))))))
    5. Hid Nascar Icon (womp)
    6. Changed calender default view. (this may not be big but I hated the default day view!!!!!!)
    7. added option for ROAM ONLY!!!!
    8. added smiley list when texting. I hold symbol+k/z and it list all my availible smileys

    And a few more tweaks here and there....
  5. offdiskoolaid

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    Still messing with it. Have not been able to install the Virtual Keyboard, but I am guessing that with the new update in 1.2.1, it has been "fixed" so I guess I will wait for the next update for it.

    Only problem I have had, is figuring out where do you go to add pages to the launcher, etc.

    But I am sure I will figure that out, other than that. It has made my experience with the Pre so much better.
  6. sonso

    sonso New Member

    !!!!!!!! Web OS quick install !!!!!!!

    I use webOS quick install

    few highlights of how i've tweaked out my pre

    1. I have a virtual keyboard, with sound and haptic feedback. Don't need slider open, works in lanscape too. Works surprizingly well
    2. I can forward text messages
    3. Email and text messenges work in landscape
    4. LED (blinks) with notifications
    5. new cards for separate text messages
    6. battery icon and percentage in upper right hand corner

    I love my phone but to me this makes Palm look pathetic!!! Many people have been complaining and begging to be able to forward texts and Palm still has not given it to the masses while a developers have given it us!!! WT* I even have a virtual keyboard. What is the hold up Palm! Palm should just pay these developers if they can't get it done themselves. I've tested text forwarding and the virtual keyboard, and guess what, it works! So, I don't want to hear any lame excuses. Also, I have the music remix app. You can make a playlist on the phone! and guess what, it works! WHy doen't the native app allow you to make a playlist on the phone. Again, if Palm can't get it together they should just pay the developers and use their source code or whatever.

    Anyhow, I'm done with the rant. Phone rocks and thanks to the hard work of many, my phone rocks more!!! It's sad that the masses don't get these (mostly basic) features. Not so much a basic feature but imagine how long it'll be before the masses get a virtual keyboard. LOL.
  7. sonso

    sonso New Member

    Web OS Quick install has been updated. See my post for link. Virtual keyboard works with 1.2.1 !!!!

    Also for others reading this, absolutely no problems with my Pre to date and doesn't appear there will be but as a reminder, tweaks are at your own risk. I'm jsut tired of waiting on Palm. Yes, I am inpatient. Phone is still the one for me and it rocks.
  8. rmurfster

    rmurfster New Member

    If you use the Tweaks option from the WEB OS Install itself instead of Preware, there is a button where you can remove all tweaks (extremely useful when a new OS comes out). I don't use Preware, but I'm not aware of any quick way to remove all the patches.
  9. Maclamond

    Maclamond New Member

    Can you help me with the text forwarding? Did you have to Root your Pre? Or is it available through Preware/WebOS QI....and I'm just missing it somewhere...

  10. sleeptek

    sleeptek New Member

    I have followed the directions and I get the messege that my device was not connected. I did download the lates java version at that time. Dying to customize the Pre, especially coming from the Instinct for the past year. I def. need better ringers and notifications. Thanks.
  11. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    You might be experiencing the same thing that happened to me. When I ran the webOS QuickInstall for the first time I hosed the auto download of the webOS Dr. I then downloaded it from another location and changed the file name to match the filename from the auto download. Hope I am making sense here, lol. After doing this I reinstalled Novacom. This was the final thing that allowed quickInstall to see my Pre.

    I had more trouble but this is the shortened version. Were you able to download the webOS Dr. using webOS QuickInstall?
  12. sleeptek

    sleeptek New Member

    I was able to Download Dr. Some of that other stuff is a little over my head though. Sorry I have not responded earlier. Any more simple things you can talk me through ? My wife just bought the new iphone today and I am jealous already ! I do love my Ipod Touch. I want to stay with Sprint, I just need to breakthrough and get my Pre to do way more than I can get it to do stock. Thanks for any future help !
  13. amseidler

    amseidler New Member

    @sleeptek: Nothing to be jealous about, the Pre is superior to the iPhone. Once you get Preware installed your appreciation for it should grow a bit :).
  14. sleeptek

    sleeptek New Member

    Following all the steps and it is still not recognizing my device. Just downloaded the new jave, etc. Still the same message.Frustrating!:dft007:angry
  15. grego

    grego New Member

    Great instructions. Thanks! spent a few hours but now my phone is what I want it to be, complete with customization. I hope the update doesn't mess with the patches, but i would do it all over again in a second!

    For those having USB problems, when you connect your pre in DEV mode, it takes a while for your PC to recognize and install drivers. After that you should be good!
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  16. Orion01

    Orion01 New Member

    I tried to install some homebrew apps today. It seems like my computer synced up with my phone and everything was working until I tried to check out the apps on my phone. When I click on the filecoaster icon on my phone a screen comes up that askes me to chose an option. Homebrew list or File URL Download. When I click on Homebrew list , after a few seconds it says An Error has occurrred
    Exception:Failed while parsing, xml not found. Then a bunch of code. Anyone seen this?
  17. luvmyq9c

    luvmyq9c New Member

    FC has been acting funky. I would suggest going the preware route.:dft012:wink
  18. sandmanfvr

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    Wow, thinking of a pre to get and virutal keyboard in landscape? Led indicator (like my blackberry) and ROAM ONLY! Oh man, I have crap sprint signal in my building at work. Man, this makes the pre better!
  19. iamjbong07

    iamjbong07 New Member

    i have the same prob telling me to connect my fone...fone is connected thru usb but still has dat yellow triangle on the fone...fone is recognized by the pc are we missing anything? please help
  20. iamjbong07

    iamjbong07 New Member

    i have the same prob telling me to connect my fone...fone is connected thru usb but still has dat yellow triangle on the fone...fone is recognized by the pc are we missing anything? please help