Preware - Why some patchs not installing

Discussion in 'Homebrew Apps' started by scottsaunders, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. scottsaunders

    scottsaunders New Member


    I have my new palm and I am trying to install some patches via preware however it seems that some patches are failing installation and I don't know why.

    I get told to check the ipkg log but there is nothing there that can explain why?

    my pre is version 1.1.3 and its the new UK version.

    I wanted to install the on screen keyboard and the sms forward.
  2. aplusmiami

    aplusmiami New Member

    I tried the del email patch, it loads but does not work.. I can not even find the virtual keyboard.:dft005:frazzled
  3. johnston23

    johnston23 New Member

    I get the same problem, when I install via preware it says it installed but nothing changes, is there a reset process that you have to execute to complete the install for the patches to take effect?
  4. PapiLou

    PapiLou New Member

    I installed the Luna Manager. It enables me to restart Luna so that installed patches work.
  5. johnston23

    johnston23 New Member

    I have luna manager installed and I have restarted after preware says it installed the patch but then after restart the patch is not there and if I go back into preware that same patch still shows as available for download. What are your steps from beginning to end?
  6. luvmyq9c

    luvmyq9c New Member

    It might be the fact that you are running 1.1.3. We are on 1.2.1...
  7. donthate305

    donthate305 New Member

    try going to a chat message and double tapping the gesture area. It might take a couple of seconds to pop up, but it should. Try that and let me know if it works! You can also try it in e-mail
  8. curtisparker

    curtisparker New Member

    i have a problem with a text message patch which allows you to send audio and video but every time i try to send it says device full...i got 4g left on my phone...