Problem with the Pre Screen...

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by thh204, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. thh204

    thh204 New Member

    Unfortunately, I don't have a camera (other than the Pre's) but does anyone else have a strong discoloration in the bottom left corner (looks like the same effect as pressing down on a LCD screen)

    Does anyone else have this? Did I just get THAT unlucky??

    I'll try and find a camera so I can show you all.
  2. thh204

    thh204 New Member

    Agh! Now it just shut off randomly and won't turn back on! Have it plugged in and everything!!!
  3. zeejay

    zeejay New Member

    nope nothing like that here
  4. thh204

    thh204 New Member

    Had to remove the battery to get it to start up again. This seems familiar... oh wait, I had to do this all the time on my Moto Q9C! :rollseyes:
  5. koolhand79

    koolhand79 New Member

    Let the problems begin. They will be many. Remember it is a new device.
  6. dramaticdiva1

    dramaticdiva1 New Member

    I have a similar problem: the bottom right corner is yellow. I'm going to take it back later today to have them look at it but everything else is great with it. My mom and sister both got one and theirs are fine... Even tho the sprint guy dropped my sisters a few times...
  7. thh204

    thh204 New Member

    Yeah, exact problem! I took a picture with my crap MotoQ9c, you can kind of see the discoloration (the phone camera is awful). I need something better to really show it. (bottom left corner)

  8. djmatix

    djmatix New Member

    Yes I have that SAME exact deal. Bottom left screen, kind of discoloration! I dunno whats up with that, the phone is brand new.

    I can only see it when viewing at an angle.
  9. jkohlhepp86

    jkohlhepp86 New Member

    mines fine
  10. t.joedodger

    t.joedodger New Member

    I feel your pain....mine is fine so far, but I knew some of us were going to get some buggy ones.
  11. artap99

    artap99 New Member

    I'm having the same problem, but only when I'm not looking straight at it. The discoloration comes and goes, though. Maybe it is a heat issue.
  12. djmatix

    djmatix New Member

    It just might be! I let my phone sit with the screen off for about 15 minutes and went to send a text.....discoloration is gone. Wonder if it'll come back.
  13. thh204

    thh204 New Member

    Hey all, I think it is a heat issue! When it was charging, it got extremely hot (like MacBook Pro hot) and that's when I noticed it. It slowly went away during the course of the day but still partially remained.

    Now its dead haha, waiting for it to charge up again. I love the phone though, the UI is unbelievable.
  14. fugm

    fugm New Member

    Lame. I didn't even notice it until I looked at this forum. I've got the yellow spot. My phone is on the charger now, but it's very apparent when you're on a white background (email). Once it's done charging I'll take it off and let it cool down and see if it's still there.
  15. BatFastard

    BatFastard New Member

    My Pre has that same problem, but in the bottom right... I didn't notice it until I got home because on colorful or complex images or backgrounds, it wasn't as noticeable. It really stands out though in chat/sms and Sprint TV.

    I will be exchanging it for another one.. it will drive me nuts if I don't. The 4-5 other Pres purchased with me this morning haven't reported this problem. (dad, brother, mom, co-worker, and his wife).
  16. christianrance

    christianrance New Member

    I have the same discolorations - if anyone goes back to the store and they get a new one please post it.
  17. dramaticdiva1

    dramaticdiva1 New Member

    I called the store and they are sold out now. They told me they will call me on thurs (when they expect more) and hold one for me. :) in the meantime this is pretty sweet
  18. BatFastard

    BatFastard New Member

    I will gladly use this one while I wait for a replacement. This device is so great!

    I wonder if that means I should hold off on sending my rebate form in... The last thing I want to do is possibly mess that up.
  19. drworsley

    drworsley New Member

    No color defect but my phone resets when I close the keyboard too hard.
  20. Hyperian

    Hyperian New Member

    yea i see it on mine but only at an extreme angle, i didnt even know till i read this thread.