Question on Rebuilt Treo and verification of s/n.

Discussion in 'General Treo Discussion' started by Dante22, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Hello people. I have an issue I need assistance in resolving. I was given a rebuilt treo by a dear friend. I went to a cell phone store to get it programmed and one of the techs there mentioned how the phone casing was new and how he had the same model. Upon picking up my treo after having it programmed I noticed that the housing back cover looks not so new.

    I have the receipts of the original purchased treo and also the receipt of the rebuilt phone. I have esn numbers on all but the new rebuilt phone. I do know the friend registered the product. How would one go about verifying the registration/ serial number?
  2. Dante22

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    There must be a way to check the serial number on the hand set.

    I am enjoying the Treo and wish I had gotten one ages ago when I first considered purchasing the Treo 700p. I see where there is much to be gleaned from this site. Thank you all for contributing to the data base of tips and information here at