RELEASE DATE from Sprint Customer Service April 15th or 16th

Discussion in 'Palm Pre' started by inittowinit, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. inittowinit

    inittowinit New Member

    I just got off the phone with Sprint CS and they (at least the rep I talked to) said the Palm Pre would be coming out on the 15 or 16th of this month (April)! Don't know where that came from and it seems to early with no ads yet. He also said the pricing would be somewhere around $300 with discounts and 2 year contract. Not sure if he really knows what he was talking about but I can't believe he would just make up the information. Anyone else hear anything?
  2. Feznando

    Feznando New Member

    yeah last month we heard of a 3/15 released.
  3. themirthfulswami

    themirthfulswami New Member

    As much as I'd like to believe that, I think it's a little too soon. If they were going to release it 10 days from now, there would have been a public announcement from Sprint/Palm about it.
  4. JoshH347

    JoshH347 New Member

    As much as I'd like to believe you... I think its BS. There has been no official advertising from Sprint and/or Palm and they already said they were going to "Instinct" it with advertising.
  5. EdRoberts

    EdRoberts New Member

    I wonder if "Instinct it" means that they'll approach advertising like they did with the Samsung Instinct: Not run ads until AFTER the release date.
    There seems to have been an upswing in the amount of information coming out of Palm over the last week. I suppose an April 15 release would not be out of the question.
  6. Vazguard

    Vazguard New Member

    Or it means the Pre will be shown to the world throw 30-second previews for "blockbuster films" that will never actually be developed.:tounge:
  7. softspirits

    softspirits New Member

    All i know is if it comes out 4/15 i'll be pissed because that was my original thought on the release date, but because of the lack of info distrubuted, my official guess for the contest is 5/10 (mother's day).
  8. waldoppper

    waldoppper New Member

    Sprint releases on Sundays.
  9. .plaid

    .plaid New Member

    I understand that Sunday is not a hard rule; I'm told that the Instinct was released on a Friday, for example.

    So I've been told; the whole "grain of salt" thing goin' on.

  10. Feznando

    Feznando New Member

    If it is a 4/15 release date... great! I just think they would have notify everyone of such date
  11. EdRoberts

    EdRoberts New Member

    Yes, the Instinct was released on a Friday. People who had signed up for notice of it's release had the opportunity to get it on Thursday I believe.
  12. bullet317

    bullet317 New Member

    That price is too high. Iphone will stomp Palm at that price.
  13. mrsawburke

    mrsawburke New Member

    Well since everyone has put in their 2 cents, here's mine... I spoke with a Sprint rep the other day and was told the release for the Pre will be May 10th.
  14. joshwithachance

    joshwithachance New Member

    as much as i want to believe this...i dont. they wouldnt release a product with only 10 days of buzz.
  15. dmatic

    dmatic New Member

    Well now I'm confused. April 15 or May 10th which one. You know what I will believe it when I see it advertised on a commercial or when I get my e-mail from Palm. I'm not getting my hopes up high .
  16. mrsawburke

    mrsawburke New Member

    10 days of buzz??? The buzz has been going on for months. Whenever they do release it, I'm there! :eek:)
  17. Feznando

    Feznando New Member

    I think they are just toying with people.... I called today.... as a "possible Costumer" i was told " The Pre was suppose to come out in the middle of this month April 15th. However, Palm decided to push the release date further and she said possibly May10th"

    I was hoping for the 15th so i can have a chance at the gift card!

    Any who, If this is true, which i wont set my heart on it, then awesome... I am just surprise that no one in the blogsphere has been able to get some time of leak info on release date!!!!:foot:
  18. joshwithachance

    joshwithachance New Member

    beside forum freaks and the occasional tech blog reader not many people know about the pre...
  19. chez83

    chez83 New Member

    oh really? come on now? i really hope that would be really continent for all palm users!
  20. mrs_gekko

    mrs_gekko New Member

    Pre release date

    I spoke to 3 Sprint Reps last night and they told me they didn't have any info on a release date or pricing info.
    I actually terminated my service with AT&T ( early) to go back to Sprint for this phone. I signed back up with my Lotus so when the pre is released I will be able to get it for the new service price ( so the reps told me)

    I am so excited about this phone:laugh3: