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Discussion in 'Bluetooth' started by stasis152, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I picked up a wireless headset from Best Buy (Rocketfish brand). It has 2 earphones and a mic in one side so it does wireless calling and playing of mp3s, but it's not seamless, which is why I am posting.

    After synching and using the headset for calls, it works perfectly for the call, including after the phone screen "goes to sleep". However! when I play mp3s on the music player everything is fine until the screen goes to sleep, and then the headset constantly disconnects/and reconnects to the pre. Seeing as how the headset doesn't disconnect like this during calls, I feel like there might be some pre problem or setting that has to be changed, but I haven't been able to solve the issue.

    Has anyone encountered this or have any knowledge about what might be the problem?
  2. stasis152

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    After switching on and off bluetooth on the pre, and re-syncing the headset, the mp3 playing disconnects ceased, but it's not clear to me that this fixed the problem, or whether it was just coincidental.